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Shaman – The 8-Wheeled Amphibious Monster ATV

Shaman SUV

Built in Russia, the Shaman clearly has a specific buyer in mind… Outdoorsy oligarchs who need to make it to their remote compound by any means necessary.

shaman batman tank battle suv 8 wheels in snow

The Shaman is a 20′ long all-terrain-vehicle that sits on eight enormous low-pressure tires. The 8×8 is built to go over just about anything and has the room and equipment for some serious outdoor expeditions.

Despite its size, the vehicle doesn’t handle like the giant cinderblock you’d expect. Both the front and rear tires turn independently, giving the Shaman a surprising level of maneuverability. By turning all eight tires in the same direction, the truck can crab-walk sideways, not unlike the Mars rover.

suv with 8 wheels

It isn’t exactly fast, however. Powered by an IVECO F1C turbocharged 4-stroke 4-cylinder diesel engine, the Shaman outputs 170hp. Top speed is around 47 mph, which isn’t bad considering the weight that’s being moved here. At over 10,500lbs, the ATV is weighs around the same as a Range Rover… with a trailer… towing a 20′ boat.

The company behind the Shaman, AVToros, has been developing the vehicle since 2006. After years of endurance testing and improvements, the ATV grew from a 6×6 axle configuration to an 8×8.


The Shaman has multiple layout options. The “Tourist” option includes airplane style seating that fits up to 8 of your comrades with plenty of room leftover for gear. The “Hunter” layout swaps the seats for benches like those found in military vehicles. The benches can be converted into beds should your expeditions span overnight.

The driver’s seat sits directly in the center, allowing for a panoramic view out the wall of shielded glass. The switches and toggles have a rugged, militaristic feel that matches what you would expect from a vehicle this macho.

Drives. On. Water.

shaman Russian SUV driving on water

Yes, not limited to just snow, gravel and felled trees, the Shaman is capable of driving over water. The hermetic boat-formed frame is designed to stay airtight with the help of high-performance water pumps. The enormous tread on the eight tires offers some forward power, but for $4700 extra you can order a screw propeller that enables speeds of 4.3 mph.

Shaman Pricing

The base Shaman costs around $208,975 and like always, it’s the extras where they get you… For an additional $5300 you can add an electric front and rear winch. $1370 and they’ll install a gun safe. Need some cold drinks? $1160 more and they’ll install a refrigerator.

The list goes on, but budget somewhere around the cost of a three-bedroom house.

Check out the video below to see the Shaman in action.