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azrael batman

The Top 7 Azrael Batman Fun Facts and Action Figures

One of the most intriguing characters in the DC universe is the Azrael Batman. A lot of people were enthusiastic to see a new Batman that punishes his opponents severely. He is often referred to as Batman’s...

Alex Ross Batman

Alex Ross Batman: 10 Best Batman Artworks

The name Alex Ross should strike many chords in the comic community, not just for DC but also for Marvel Comics. Alex Ross’ work has even gone beyond the comic space, designing artwork for big projects like the...

batman Damned

Batman Damned: A Review Of The Black Label Series

When DC launched the Black Label imprint, the idea was to give audiences the unique view of their beloved characters in another light from what they were used to. Of course, we already have this with Elseworlds, so the...