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Torq Roadster – Three Wheeled Batmobile

Torq Roadster

With a design straight from the Batcave, the Torq Roadster is one of the most eye-catching high-performance sports cars out there.  The fact that it’s three-wheeled and 100% electric puts it in a league of its own. The brainchild of Epic Electric Vehicles, the Torq Roadster has some blistering specs to aid you in your villain catching exploits: [list] [li]0-60mph in 4 seconds (silently!)[/li] [li]612ft/lbs of torque [/li] [li]2,200lb all fiberglass construction[/li] [li]1.3 lateral G’s (more than a Ferrari F430)[/li] [li]100 mile range[/li] [/list] The perfect choice for when neither the Batcycle or Batmobile will do, the Torq Roadster can be yours for $65,000.