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Bike Through the Apocalypse with the Motoped Survival Bike

motoped survival bike

We’ve all seen the movies.  In the dystopian future fuel is scarce, supplies are dwindling and cities are a maze of debris.  Cars and off-roaders can’t squeeze through the rubble, and the motorcycles were all stolen.  What you need is something that can go for hundreds of miles and have a place to strap your crossbow.

The Survival Bike from Santa Cruz based Motoped fits that niche.  A cross between a downhill mountain bike and a Jeep, the bike is something out of a survivalist’s daydream.  Lighter than a motorcycle but brawnier than a bicycle, the Survival Bike is designed for long distances with three different fuel tanks giving it a range of up to 300 miles.

Outfitted with a universal rear rack, you can attach a variety of bolt-on mounts, harnesses, and fitments that allow you to haul just about anything you’d need to get you through the badlands.


The Survival Bike has 49cc and 125cc engine options that can reach 24mph and 44mph respectively. The engine can be started up at any time, even during movement.  If the going gets easier or you’re just looking for a workout, the pedals let you tool around just like a standard bicycle.




Prices start at $3195 at