Batman Factor

5 Batman Car Accessories for Under $50

Batman Car Accessories

While a true Batmobile can cost millions, here are 5 car accessories that can give even the most unassuming car a little more of a Batman Factor, without breaking the bank.

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Bat-signal brake light decal

Bat signal brake light

Applied over the third brake light in the rear window,  the people behind you in traffic will have no doubt of your fandom.  $11.99


3D Chrome Emblem

Easy to stick on wherever you’d like your car to look more assuring .  Perfect for hiding small dings and scratches.  $6.99 to $17.00


Bat-signal projection courtesy door lights

batman courtesy light car accessory

For when you need to make a grand arrival after dark, two magnetic sensors trigger wireless projectors that beam a bat-signal onto the ground whenever the door is opened.  $17.99


6-piece Dark Knight seat cover set

Ideal for both the prevention and masking of seat distress, this six-piece set includes two bucket seat covers, a rear bench cover, steering wheel cover, and seatbelt shoulder pads.  $39.99


Chrome valve caps and keychain

Batman Valve Caps

After screwing these onto your tires with your tiny Batman wrench, you can drive off happily knowing that even if only subtly, your car is slightly more of a batmobile.  $6.99

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