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Knight XV – Armored Decadence

Knight XV Batman SUV

Are you tired of having to drive around things?  Perhaps the number of parking garage exits isn’t quite to your liking, and you’d like to create another.  Or maybe your current vehicle just isn’t striking enough fear into the hearts of evil-doers.

Conquest Vehicles Knight XV may be able to help you with these common problems.

Handmade in Canada in very limited quantities, the Knight XV provides a level of both decadent luxury and indomitable protection that is almost without rival.   Rather than “uparmoring” an existing chassis, each car is built completely from the ground up, a process that takes 4000 man-hours to complete from start to finish.  Those hours however, are not wasted… the SUV’s 13,000lb 20ft long frame consists of an extraordinary array of equipment…

Features and Options:

[li]326hp V10 engine[/li]
[li]Full body ballistic grade steel[/li]
[li]Front and rear night vision cameras[/li]
[li]Transparent tinted armored glass throughout[/li]
[li]Ballistic run-flat tires[/li]
[li]6 hand crafted Andrew Muirhead leather seats[/li]
[li]Flat screen TV/entertainment system[/li]
[li]Refrigerated bar and cigar humidor[/li]
[li]Auxiliary fuel tank[/li]
[li]Exterior two way intercom/PA system[/li]
[li]Exterior mounted siren and strobe lights[/li]
[li]Roof mounted search light[/li]
[li]Internal oxygen survival kit[/li]
[li]External smokescreen security system[/li]

At $629,000, the Knight XV doesn’t exactly fit in the budget for us non-billionaire types, but it certainly could prove useful the next time Bane cordons off the city.