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The 500hp Bulletproof Tank with Night-Vision

rezvani tank review

They say the road less traveled is the one worth following.  The problem is that sometimes that road has a few… obstacles.  Things that your Honda just can’t handle.  Things like gravel and mud.  Or snow.  Or snipers with heavy artillery.

The Rezvani Tank is equipped for just these kinds of obstacles, and them some.  The 4-door “Xtreme Utility Vehicle” or XUV is designed to pick you up in a Tom Cruise movie, drive through a Mad Max movie and deliver you safely in a James Bond movie.  The Tank isn’t just all looks however.  At its core sits a 6.4-liter 500hp V8 engine borrowed from Dodge’s SRT department.  The on-demand 4×4 system uses top-tier FOX suspension and GRID off-road wheels.

rezvani tank

Built by boutique American carmaker Rezvani Motors, the Tank is their first foray into the SUV market.  They first came on the scene with their equally striking, Beast supercar in 2014.

rezvani motors beast supercar
Rezvani Motors Beast

Despite the brutish exterior, Rezvani equipped the Tank with a rather genteel interior.  The suicide doors open to reveal leather seats that seem to be sporting some sick abs, as well as a suede headliner, heads up display and Apple car play.

rezvani tank interior

Rezvani TANK Ballistic Package

This is where things start to really get interesting.  For an additional $97,000 you can purchase Rezvani Motors top-of-the-line B7 ballistic armor package.  This equips the Tank with a host of upgrades that transform it from a unique SUV, to a downright war machine.

The glass and body panels are rated to withstand armor piercing rounds.  The fuel tank, floorpan and radiator are wrapped with kevlar.  The doors are equipped with magnetic dead bolts and electrified door handles.  Strobe lights and a siren PA system are installed, as well as blinding lights and an intercom.  The Tank is also optioned with military style run-flat tires and ramming bumpers along with reinforced suspension.

Similar to the custom limo made for the US president, the interior is also stocked with gas masks, first aid supplies and a hypothermia kit.rezvani motors tank rear

Night vision?!

If you’re an oligarch making a midnight rum-run, you can’t always expect there to be streetlights.  Luckily, for an extra $5,500 Rezvani will equip a thermal night vision system on your Tank.  Made by imaging experts FLIR, a front mounted camera feeds a live video feed onto the nav screen in the dash.  The system uses both traditional night vision and thermal vision to show you not only what’s in the dark, but if it has a pulse.

Price of the Rezvani Motors TANK

We’ve written about several real life Batmobiles and personal tanks, and surprisingly, this is the cheapest.  Or at least it can be.  The base price of the Tank is $159,000 which doesn’t put it too far off the mark from other SUVs like Range Rover.  The fun stuff will cost you however.  Adding in all available packages including the V8, ballistic package and extreme off-road package brings the price up to $323,000.

rezvani tank bulletproof