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Could the Karlmann King be Batman’s SUV?

karlmann king batman suv

About once every year there seems to be a new super-SUV on the scene. Luxurious, gas-guzzling brutes sculpted from twisted steel and sex-appeal. The latest is the Karlmann King, a boutique tank that looks like it could’ve driven back from the near future, or the Batcave.

We’ll do our best to answer a few questions that potential buyers might have in mind for this 5-ton Batmobile.

What is it?

Put simply, it’s a way of converting money into gawking stares. It’s also enormous. Built on the platform of a Ford F-550, the Karlmann King dwarfs other trucks on the road with its 10,000lb 8ft tall rolling mass. The body is built from carbon fiber and steel which has been molded into an eye-catching polygonal pattern.

karlmann king suv exterior rear

Beneath the butch exterior lies an inner cockpit that makes Bentleys look like plebeian dung-haulers. Quilted leather, alligator and alcantara line the interior along with an impressive list of creature comforts.

karlmann king luxury suv interior

A central touchscreen display allows full control of the interior features such as:

  • 4k UHD TV
  • Phone projection system
  • Gaming console
  • A coffee machine
  • Fold-down electric table
  • Private safes
  • Refrigerator control

In what can really only be expected at this point, there’s also a hidden champaign compartment.

karlmann king champagne compartment

Is it fast?

Remember that part about the Ford F-550 underpinnings? That’s the same platform RVs are built on, so speed is not its strong suit. Ford’s 6.8L V10 outputs 288hp, plowing the Karlmann King to a top speed of only 85mph.

I may be wanted in several countries. Will this keep me safe?

batman suv for sale

If your international business dealings have gone south, don’t worry, the Karlmann King is here for you. Full-body bulletproofing is available as an option, but it comes at the cost of making a heavy vehicle even heavier.

The weight increases to 13,228lbs when optioned with the ballistic package.

How much is this “Karlmann King”?

Despite the aforementioned features, they managed to keep the price at a surprisingly competitive $45k.

Just kidding.

The starting price of a bare bones Karlmann king is $2,000,000. Additional options up the price substantially. Only 12 of these Batman overlanders are planned to be made, making it not only one of the most expensive SUVs, but the rarest.

But hey, it does look like Batman’s SUV.