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Zero Motorcycles: All Electric Motorcycles

Electric Zero Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles produces a wide range of 100% electric motorcycles that have a 0-60 time rivaling a super-car, and can take you up to 171 miles on a full charge.

The 2014 lineup includes 4 different models, and whether you’re a casual weekend cruiser, or a hardcore speed demon, there’s something for everyone.

The cheapest option, the Zero FX (“Stealthfighter”), starts at $9,495, and is also the lineups lightest model, weighing in at only 238lbs.  The bikes high ground clearance and near instantaneous torque make it an off road champ while allowing you to quickly adjust compression and rebound damping.  Keeping the bike light however came at a cost to battery size, which means the FX only has a top range of 70 fx electric motorcycle

At the other end of the spectrum is the top of the line Zero SR (“Max Performance”), which retails for $16,995 with a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds.  Equal to a Lamborghini Reventon.

Zero SR electric motorcycle

The SR is the performance version of the Zero S (“Streetfighter”) and offers 106 FT-LBS of torque and 67 HP, while still giving you 171 miles of range on a full charge (with optional Power Tank).

As with any electric vehicle, no engine means no engine sound, which makes it one of the stealthiest ways to get around.

While the dash on all of the bikes provide a sleek and intuitive layout, the accompanying app brings it one step further,  showing you information like time until charged, average watts per mile and even allowing you to tune performance characteristics like maximum regenerative braking and torque.

To really reach the full potential of your Zero, you’ll need the optional Z-Force Power Tank, which is essentially an extra battery that’s installed on the motorcycle’s body (Zero S and DS models).  The Power Tank provides an additional 2.8 kWh of storage capacity and is necessary to give the bikes a range capable of rivaling traditional gas powered performance bikes.

Zero’s chart of the “Top 15 Things You’ll Never Do Again” give a convincing argument for the benefit of electric motorcycles, and for that matter, electric motors in general:

If you’re interested in embracing the future of the electric vehicle and a Tesla’s a bit over your budget, Zero Motorcycles offer a compelling alternative.  Just don’t forget to wear a motorcycle jacket.