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Stealth Electric Bikes – Batman’s Bicycle

Stealth Electric Bike

Possibly the most powerful electric bikes in the world, if Batman had a bike, this would be it.

Stealth Electric Bikes produce a range of all electric and hybrid mountain bikes that are peerless in both performance and quality as well as sheer exhilaration.  Their top of the line model, the Stealth Bomber, has a 4.5KW electric motor capable of launching the bike at a wheelie-popping speed of 50mph.  A two hour charge will take you up to 50 miles when assisted by human powered peddling.  If you need to go a little further you can press the regen button, which activates regenerative braking that adds power back to the battery every time you hit the Magura MT2 hydraulic brakes.

All that power isn’t exactly street legal in the standard definition of a bicycle, which is why Stealth Electric Bikes has contained the full ferocity of the beast in a “Competition Mode”.  When outside of competition mode the power output drops down to a safer and more tame 250 Watts with a top speed of 20mph.

If your electric bike budget doesn’t quite cover the $10,000 price tag of the Stealth Bomber, the company offers two other models, the $7,900 Fighter, and the $7,700 – $9,700 Hurricane.

The Fighter has a top speed of 37mph in competition mode, with a range of 35 miles.  It is also lighter, weighing in at 75lbs compared to the Bomber’s 116lbs.  The Hurricane is Stealth Electric Bikes only fully electric model, and has footrest pegs instead of pedals, making it more like a scooter or motorcycle.  The Hurricane can be equipped with either a 3000 watt motor, giving it a top speed of 32mph, or 4,500 watts giving it similar specs to the Bomber.

Every bike is hand-built to order using aircraft certified CrMo alloys and the highest grade components possible, (giving some justification to the cost) and can be ordered in 8 different colors.   The bikes ship in custom built crates from Australia, so depending on the location of your dealer, prices may vary.

And yes, it comes in black.