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Arkham Knight Motorcycle Suit

Arkham Knight Suit

Having already established themselves as crafting the highest quality costume replicas out there, UD Replicas has done it again with their brand new Arkham Knight motorcycle suit.  Based on the batsuit worn by Batman in the upcoming Arkham Knight game, this is the company’s fourth foray into producing real life Batsuits, that also serve as functional motorcycle protection.

In the event of a crash (or when you don’t quite make it to that next rooftop) there’s anti-skid kevlar in the gloves and removable high impact body armor along the forearms, shoulders, spine, and chest.  The rest of the Arkham Knight suit is made from grade A form-molded leather with highly detailed 3D silicone raised hexagon printing.

Batsuit as seen in the Arkham Knight game:

With all that form fitting leather and armor, you may be thinking “Where do I keep my wallet?” the answer being of course in your utility belt.  For $235 you can order your Arkham Knight suit with a leather utility pouch equipped with 4 pouches and 4 sets of cylinder compartments.  The perfect place to stash your keys or vanishing smoke capsules.—–arkham-knight—leather-motorcycle-suit.html