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Spacelife Marsline Interplanetary Jacket

spacelife marsline jacket

According to a Mars One press release, they plan on having a human colony on Mars by 2023.  A lofty goal to be sure, and one that will require a multitude of gear and gadgets that have yet to even be invented, but one thing is certain… They’re totally ready to go in the jacket department.

Designed by Dutch clothing startup Spacelife, the Marsline jacket is built with soon-to-be space pioneers in mind.  Their websites states:

As observation and exploration of space evolves, what was once only accessible by a chosen few will become available to the many. SPACELIFE is a newly founded luxury brand that draws its inspiration from this fact, utilizing advanced technology and future proof engineering to create products that will allow you to explore the frontiers of the past, present and future.

Inspired by traditional space suits, the Marsline is a sturdy mountain-proof coat at its core. An insulated trilobal shell reflects light and keeps the fabric water repellant.  For receiving the latest sit-reps or catching up with Major Tom, there’s a built in bluetooth audio system wired into the hood.  Integrated controls on the sleeve of the Marsline let you adjust the volume or switch tracks on your phone.

The jackets are made in very limited numbers and looking like a space pioneer doesn’t come cheap; the Marsline is currently priced at $1766 US.  If that breaks your budget, Spacelife also has the Terraline jacket for $1177, but you loose the nifty controls on the sleeve.