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Bulletproof Mask – Being The Hero You Were Made to Be

Bulletproof Mask

Ever wondered if the mask Batman uses is not just a tool to protect his identity? Well, we wondered about that too. It didn’t surprise us when we found that the newer versions of his cowls are, in fact, bulletproof. In a world where every villain without superpowers is a trigger-happy psychopath. I really doubt that Bruce Wayne would have been able to live this long without a bulletproof mask. He is, after all, not a man of steel. 

Yeah, you might say he is one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the world. He has bested David Cain, Deathstroke, and even his own master, Ra’s al Ghul. Also, maybe a one-time victory over Lady Shiva (some fans still raise eyebrows over this victory). This doesn’t change the fact he is still 100% human. A headshot would definitely take him out. So, as the smart billionaire, he has definitely thought of protecting his body’s most sensitive part. Hence, the bulletproof mask. 

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What else can the Bulletproof Mask can do? 

Batman’s bulletproof mask (the cowl) has about three to four layers of protection. This protects him from firearms as well as concussions suffered from heavy blows. The mask has bulletproof Kevlar plating that protects some sections of his head. Other sections are made of graphite–composite outer surfaces that shield’s him from heavy impact. 

However, the bulletproof mask has other functions embedded in them that the Dark Knight uses his cowl for. Some of which are:

  • Communicator: We all know that Batman likes to walk alone. But he doesn’t necessarily work alone all the time.  For instance, there are times he might need Alfred to be his extra eyes and ears. This can be during a field operation or times when he might have a joint operation. Robin (Night Owl), Bat-girl, or on few occasions, the man of steel himself. The communicator built in the bulletproof mask is used to communicate with them effortlessly. 
  • Microphone: The microphone is used to amplify Batman’s barest whisper. When he needs to be utterly discreet during a field operation, the microphone is also attached to a speaker that gives his voice an otherworldly feel, helping him disguise his actual voice from people who might recognize him. His job, after all, thrives on secrecy.
  • Radio Antenna: In the cowl is also an in-built radio antenna that picks up the police radio signals. This helps him to catch a whiff of crimes faster and get to the crime-scene in good time. 
  • Night Vision: A new addition to the mask, the night vision mask is embedded into the bulletproof, ask to help him see better in dark places. He is, after all, the Batman. He has to live true to his name, doesn’t he?
  • Deflects X-rays (X-ray visions): After his encounter with Superman in the World’s Finest, batman added material to his mask, lead, that deflects X-ray. This was where Superman found out Batman’s identity through X-ray vision. Bruce is definitely fine with Superman knowing his true identity, but he definitely won’t leave that to chance with way too many Kryptonians scouring the earth. 
  • Echolocation: We all know that the Bats has no superpowers, but for what he does not have, he makes up with technology. Echolocation is what bats use to see in the dark. Batman has an echolocation device in his bulletproof mask. Apart from his night vision technology, just one click of a button immediately has a full visual understanding of anywhere he steps into.
  • Security protocol: The Dark Knight’s mask is made in such a way that anyone who tries to uncover (or wear) his mask other than him gets enough electricity to stun his entire body but not kill the person or gets gassed to sleep. So, even the Joker with his bag of tricks knows better than to try to unveil who is behind the mask. Not that he wants to anyways. Where’s the fun in that? 

The Evolution to The Bulletproof Mask

 Batman’s mask did not always have all it has now. There was no tech whatsoever in it. It was just an ordinary mask. No bulletproof, nothing.  But as he grew in crime-fighting, he faced many near-death situations, including some heavy blows to the head and some on-the-air accident that informed his need for better body protection. 

Batman earned his way to a bulletproof mask. He has vowed not to use guns, but that doesn’t mean that the bad guys he faces feel the same way. They are more than willing to do whatever is needed to take him down and over time, he began to realize that he needed the extra protection.

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Increase Your Batman Factor

You may need a bulletproof helmet for a little bit of vigilante work yourself. Or maybe you like to pla1y some paintball with your friends, and you want to be as protected as possible. Increasing your Batman Factor means being prepared like Batman always is. He is always thinking of the worst-case scenario and then coming up with a contingency plan for things. You must on this same level.