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DevTac Ronin – Bulletproof Tactical Helmet

devtac ronin bulletproof helmet

Designed in Japan, the DevTac Ronin has a look unmistakably inspired by modern action franchises. A brutalist blend of Halo, Iron-Man and John Wick styling cues, the helmet is more than just eye-catching.

Marketed as an alternative to existing military ballistic helmets, the Ronin may truly be safeguarding the heroes of tomorrow.

devtac ronin helmet review

Ballistic Protection

At first glance, it might be easy to cast this off as an expensive Halloween costume, but the Ronin offers some serious protection despite its movie-star looks.

Ballistic Kevlar plating throughout the helmet is rated as level II from the National Institute of Justice. That means it will stop most common handgun rounds in their tracks.

The following clip shows the helmet stopping a bullet at close range:

The lenses are also ballistic grade and while not directly bulletproof, will guard against shrapnel and other debris.

Modular Design

Besides protecting your noggin, the Ronin has built-in mounts that let you adapt it to suit your needs (or mission). Things like a heads-up display can be optioned, which can connect to gun scopes (to see around corners) or even a drone for complete situational awareness.

Ronin helmet heads up display
devatc ronin helmet features

An internal battery-powered fan can pull in fresh air or expel hot air, which keeps the lenses from fogging up.

How to Buy The DevTac Ronin – Bulletproof Tactical Helmet

To be honest, we’re not sure.

We reached out repeatedly to DevTac for pricing and have yet to hear back. It’s possible they may only be accepting orders from trade shows or don’t sell direct. Either way, it’s a compelling piece of gear and we hope the design will inspire more outfitters soon.

Some Alternative Options for the Devtac Ronin Bulletproof Tactical Helmet

Since this helmet is hard to get your hands on, I would not be doing you any help if I did not provide some other options for excellent helmets you can purchase.

OAREA WoSporT Tactical Terminator Helmet

Key Features

  • Adjustable for different size heads
  • Hidden fan to help ventilate the helmet
  • Lightweight helmet
Bulletproof Tactical Helmet

Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet

Key Features

  • Lots of Positive Reviews
  • Helmet Lightweight But Durable, High-Quality Construction for Head Protection. 
  • Embedded Night Vision mount is perfect for those looking to affix their Night Vision system, Bungee Retention Cord is easily accessible and fastens your devices securely.

Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet

Key Features

  • Advanced Multi-layer Eps Provides Superior Energy Absorption And Channels For Increased Airflow
  • Unique Multi-configuration Design Featuring Removable Front Mask And Rear Comfort Sleeve Results In 3 Distinct Riding Configurations
  • Subtly Integrated Forehead Vent Intakes

Final Thoughts On The DevTac Ronin and Alternatives Helmets

There is no doubt that the DevTac Ronin is a sick helmet. But it just does not seem easy to get your hands on one. The alternatives listed above will be able to get the job done.

The key is that you choose a helmet that is fits what you need in your life. Everyone is looking for something different. For some the most important thing is performance, for others its style, or even the fit. Decide what is important for you and find the helmet that matches that.