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The Indestructible Flashlight the Size of a Paperclip

Bullet 02 smallest flashlight

The Bullet 02 from SLUGHAUS is the smallest LED flashlight in the world, and as if that weren’t enough, it’s also nearly indestructible.  Weighing just 5 grams and measuring 10mm x 26mm the Bullet 02 is smaller than some health supplements.

Designed to match the look of a .40 Smith and Wesson round, the Bullet 02 is made out of a premium aerospace grade aluminum alloy and uses three button cell batteries to produce 20 lumens of light.  The LED bulb is good for up to 150,000 hours and the stainless steel ring makes it a cinch to clip the flashlight to keychains, bags, zipper pulls etc.

The waterproof sealing allows the flashlight to be completely submerged underwater and still illuminate while it’s down there.  The aluminum shell and shatter resistant bulb make it incredibly durable – enough to run it over with an SUV.  Repeatedly.

The Bullet 02 has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and can currently be pre-ordered for $10.