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The Best Batarangs for Sale on Etsy

Etsy is no longer just a marketplace for handmade scarves and bead bangles.  Hundreds of talented artists have taken it upon themselves to bring to life a range of comic book and movie props, including many from the Batman universe.  We’ve narrowed it down to Batman’s most iconic tool and compiled the best batarangs currently for sale on Etsy.

If you want a batarang that you can actually chuck like a boomerang, check out our article on the Real Life Batarang.

Emergency Batarangs Wall-mount Display – $57

batarang display emergency batarang

The last thing you want is to be stuck in an emergency without a batarang, which is what makes this wall-mount display perfect.  A quick flip of the glass face on this shadow box gives you access to 3 stainless steel batarangs with a black oxide surface process.  They each measure about 6″x2″ and are pre-sharpened.

Magnetic Batarang – $3.50

magnetic fridge batarang

Stick a few of these on your fridge and people just might think Batman stopped by for a midnight snack.  Made of 3D printed PLA plastic, this batarang has a strong magnet on one side that allows it hold multiple papers against any metal surface.  Your coupons and kid-art have never looked so good.

Batarang Cubicle Coat Hanger – $15

batman coat hangerbatarang coat hanger

They say home is where you hang your heart, which means work must be where you hang your cape.  This badass coat hanger is designed to hook over a cubicle wall and serve as a ready receptacle for any coats, cowls or coworkers you wish to hang on it.

1989 Style Folding Batarang – $21.20

folding batarang for sale

Designed after the original 1989 Batman movie, this amazing batarang collapses in on itself when not in use.  An internally threaded bungee gives it spring loaded tension so it will snap out to full width when released.  A video of it in action can be seen at the artist’s Facebook page.

Batman Beyond Aluminum Batarang – $29

batman beyond batarang for sale

This list would not be complete without mentioning our favorite cult-classic 90s cartoon.  The Batman Beyond batarang is cut from high quality aluminum and painted to match the show and comic books.  A perfect accessory to pair with the Batman Beyond bodysuit, also available on Etsy.

Arkham Knight Folding Batarang – $42.60

arkham knight batarang for sale best batarang on easy

Designed to match the batarang shown in the Arkham Knight video game, this replica has a joint in the middle that allows it to snap open to its full 14″ of intimidation.  It’s available in both a plain 3D print or fully hand painted models.  Now if only it was remote controlled…


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