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The Self-Heating, Auto-Tightening Smartshoe

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Consider for a moment the things we carry on us daily: watches, glasses, wallets, backpacks, rings – all of which are now available with upgraded “smart” versions.  While progress may have marched on with those items, there’s a category that has been left untouched by microchips and bluetooth: our shoes.  The one thing people are more likely to have on them than their phone has unfortunately been left in the dark ages of rubber and cloth tied together by bits of string.  Connected footwear company Digitsole hopes to change that with their Smartshoe designed for the 21st century (and maybe beyond).

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Straight from Tony Stark’s closet

Built around a modern athletic high-top style design, the Smartshoe has a series of embedded sensors and processors that can do everything from monitor your cushioning levels, to telling you how long until you’ll reach your destination by foot.  A small battery powers the shoe and recharges wirelessly.  When paired with the included smartphone app, the Smartshoe will analyze your stride pattern and weight distribution and show how to improve walking efficiency, decrease fatigue, and reduce injury.  It can track other fitness goals like number of steps, calories burned and distance traveled.

The real show-stopper of the Smartshoe is of course the auto-tightening feature, where a tap on the app or push of the physical button causes tiny hydraulics to push up the top of the shoe, welcoming your eager feet.  Another tap closes the shoe to the perfect tension level, just like Marty McFly.

Toes getting cold from one of your long, contemplative December strolls?  The Smartshoe has a built in heating pad that’s controlled from the app.  Just set your preferred temperature and the shoe will maintain that setting all the way home.

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If you’re ready to strut straight into the future, the Smartshoe can currently be pre-ordered from Digitsole’s Indiegogo page for $229.