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Eyez: Video Recording Sunglasses

Eyez glasses

Recording home movies has never been so stylish.

The idea of video recording glasses might bring to mind bulky, old school FBI glasses with a wire leading off somewhere behind the ear recording grainy low-res footage 15 seconds at a time.  None of that’s the case with Eyez.  Currently a Kickstarter project, the glasses have a 720p camera embedded in the frame that allows the wearer to record  HD video on the go, all with a simple tap on the side.  The video can be saved to the built in 8GB flash memory, or be beamed directly to your smartphone via Wifi or Bluetooth and be saved there.

Eyez also has the ability to stream live video directly  to services like Qik or Livestream, allowing an audience in on your current point of view.   A great idea for things like kids recitals, or live events.  The Omnivision produced camera, which is the same provider for the iPhone, uses H.264 video encoding at 30 frames per second, as well as MP3 quality audio (128kb/s), which makes it about equal to the standard smartphone’s capabilities.

This is all through a sleek, Ray-Ban-esque style frame that has no discernible bulges or grooves suggesting it’s electronic.   Both the camera and microphone are small enough to be imperceptible without an up close inspection.

eyez close up

If you’d rather not be that guy wearing sunglasses at night, the unit comes with clear and shaded lenses, so you can swap them out depending on where you plan on recording.  Since the frames are a common design trend, prescription  lenses can also be fitted by most optical stores.

video glasses clear lenses

While devices such as GoPro may have pioneered the way for hands free video recording, Eyez seems to have taken the idea to a much higher level: a camera that’s there when you need it, but that doesn’t get in the way when you don’t.

Eyez can currently be purchased from their Kickstarter page for $150, and will retail for $199 after pre-order.