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The Best Look-Alike Bulletproof Batman Suit

The Look-Alike Bulletproof Batman Suit

Make no mistake; this is not a costume. We are bringing this to you to highlight one of the coolest replica bulletproof Batman Suitsuits ever made. The good news is how realistic it is, but the bad news is that you need Bruce Wayne’s money to pay for it. 

Kevlar, tear-resistant mesh, and impact-absorbing gel packs make this the closest you can come to having a true Dark Knight level of protection. We don’t suggest you go out and jump in front of bullets with it on at all, so don’t say we told you to do it. The outfit is really made for riding on motorcycles. 

batsuit from back

The Batman Begins Pre Suit Replica Nomex Design by UD Replicas is a functional motorcycle suit that has been painstakingly crafted to be a perfect replica of its on-screen counterpart.

Starting with Grade A cowhide with a tear-resistant mesh overlay, the suit’s CE approved body armor comes on in layers over the forearms/elbows, shoulders, and spine.  

The heavier armor on the upper body is removable if you don’t need the extra bulk.  Form molded soft shell kevlar and strong edge seaming make this some of the most durable outerwear available.

The Batsuit’s segments can be worn separately, and it can be ordered with or without the Bat logo on the chest if you really want to minimize the costume look.

Based in Toronto, Canada, UD Replicas has made a name for themselves, producing high-quality reproductions of costumes made famous on-screen that are practical and durable enough for everyday use. They spared no expense in making this look-alike bulletproof batman suit.

You know they went all-in on this suit when they offer a payment plan. They know its so expensive that you can break it down into some smaller easy to make payments. 

In the words of David Pea, the designer behind UD Replicas:

“Since these are screen-accurate replicas, officially licensed by their respective studios, our research and development process is uncompromising. Frequently, we work directly from the source material, engineering our UD Replicas garments from the original suits worn on-screen by such actors as Christian Bale, Olivia Wilde, Ben Affleck and others,”

If the pre-suit Nomex design doesn’t strike your fancy, the company offers two other Batsuits they’ve replicated.  The final suit from the Batman Begins film, and the shinier, more chiseled version from The Dark Knight Rises.  There is also a new Batman Beyond jacket being released shortly.

While you can order pieces of the suit individually, the whole shebang will cost you $2072.  The jacket alone costs around $980, but if you want a piece of the Batsuit on a budget you can pick up the kevlar gloves for $110.  The suits are made in small quantity runs of about 150, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

What If You Are Not That Serious And Just Need a Batman Costume?

Ok, maybe you’re not that serious about being the Caped Crusader. We totally understand and your spouse may not be excited about you dropping $2,000 on a replica bat suit. You are also not planning to step into any type of danger any time soon. No problem, we have some costumes that you will love.

Below you will find some simple Batman costumes that you can rock to a party and be proud of. They all are easy on the wallet and quickly get the point across that you’re no longer Bruce Wayne.

All Black Non Bulletproof Batman Suit for Kids

You can’t have a serious Batman costume list without having one that is made just for kids. Kids have been rocking the Batsuit as a costume since Halloween was even a thing. Keep the tradition going with this one.

Batman Action Suit Set Costume for Kids
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Dark Knight Rises Batsuit For Adults

It does not get more basic than this costume. The best thing you can do if you’re going to get this one is not skip leg day. You don’t want to be in this with some super skinny legs because no one will believe its Batman.

The outfit is all black with the classic yellow belt. It looks more like the Michael Keaton Batsuit than anything. Also this is the furthest thing from being a bulletproof Batman suit so please no trying to be a hero.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Grand Heritage Deluxe Batman Costume
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Dawn of Justice Non Bulletproof Batman Suit

Here is the suit that Batman rocked when it was time to go toe to toe with Superman. Its real heavy duty and because of that you pay a hefty price for this one. But if you’re going up against Superman, how can it not be worth it? You make the call!

Rubie's Men's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Supreme Edition Armored Batman
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Lego Batman Suit

You have to make a deal with us if you’re going to buy this suit. You have to talk like Lego Batman the entire time you’re wearing it.

The Lego movies are some of the most creative, and the fact that you can rock this suit will make you an instant Rockstar. You get to hide your identity as Bruce Wayne and be one of the coolest characters ever made.

Disguise Batman Lego Movie Prestige Costume, Black, Small (4-6)
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Batman Begins Starter Vest

Remember in Batman Begins when Bruce was getting his start as Batman? We try to forget as well because it was horrible! He does get an A+ for courage though. He almost killed himself jumping around with no real protection or ability to fight gravity.

Regardless, you may want to look the part. No one would guess you were Batman from Batman Begins with your Ski Mask and Tactical vest. It would actually be an awesome costume and the tactical vest could be used again unlike most costumes.

GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Assault Vest Law Enforcement Vest
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We hope you were able to find a totally non bulletproof Batman suit to meet your needs. Whether you want to have some fun at a party or you need to go for a ride on the motorcycle, there is something here for you.

Having a Batsuit is something that everyone needs to experience because Batman is no different than any other person. We all have the ability to be him.