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Ember Equipment’s Modular Backpack

Ember modular backpack

Need to carry your iPad, laptop, camera, backup laptop, and a week’s supplies into the wilderness?  Ember Equipment’s Modular Urban Backpack has you covered.

The pack starts out with 20 liters of storage space, padded internal sleeves for a tablet and laptop, and 2 water proof exterior pockets.  Nothing too unusual there, but the modular part is where it starts to get interesting… Ember offers a selection of “gear options” that you can add on to the backpack to expand the amount of storage available to suit your needs.

ember modular backpack

Current options include things like an external airport-security-ready laptop sleeve, fleece-lined hard cases, an iPhone case, and military pouches.  More accessories are in the works.  The add-ons attach to the backpack via magnetic coupling locks on the back and shoulder straps that securely snap on in a second, and can hold up to 143lbs each.

Ember Modular Backpack accessories

The Ember Modular Backpack recently finished it’s fundraising campaign with more than double its original goal.  It can currently be purchased from its Kickstarter page in either orange or black for between $209 and $289 depending on the number of options you’d like.