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The Top 10 LEGO Batman Sets

10 Best Batman Lego Sets

They say that legos have proven to be a better investment than gold, and for the people willing to shell out $500+ for some of these sets we hope that’s true. We’ve put together a list of the 10 greatest Batman themed Lego sets ever created.  Prices stand at the time of this article and the list is sorted from most affordable to most outrageous.

LEGO Superheroes: The Batboat – Harbor Pursuit $25

Lego Batman 76034The most affordable set in this collection makes use of the often overlooked Batboat.  The boat features two enclosed cockpits for Batman and Robin that can be separated from the main craft.  All the better to close in on Deathstroke and his super-jumping action.

 LEGO Superheroes: The Joker Steamroller $60

Lego batman 76013How a steamroller with lips is a match against a plane is anyones guess.  The 11″ long Batwing features flickable missiles and makes the perfect platform for Robin and Batgirl to do their thing.  Joker’s “Bang!” gun also makes an appearance.

LEGO Superheroes: JOKERLAND $103
Lego batman 76035

Collectible alert!  The Jokerland set is the first and only appearance of the Teen Titans Starfire and Beast-Boy in lego form.  They join their old pal Robin and Batman against the Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin and Poison Ivy in an epic clash at Joker’s twisted 1,037 piece amusement park.

LEGO Superheroes: The Batcave $129
Lego Batman 6860

Batman AND Bruce Wayne in the same lego set?!  An imposter perhaps?  This Batcave comes equipped with a computer terminal, Bat-gear armory and holding cell to aid the caped crusader against Poison Ivy and Bane, who once again has a scheme for burrowing into the Batcave (sounds like The Dark Knight Rises).

LEGO Superheroes: Batman Classic TV Series Batcave $269
Lego Batman 76052

Holy weekend-well-spent Batman!  By far the largest set in this list with a whopping 2,526 pieces, the classic TV series Batcave features a sprawling diorama of Wayne manor/Batcave with plenty of homages to the original show.

After receiving a call on the classic red telephone, Bruce and Dick slide (yes, they actually slide) down the fire-poles hidden in the study.  Then the dynamic duo have their choice of Batcopter or 1960’s Batmobile to aid them against a full cast of villains… Catwoman, The Joker, The Penguin and Riddler all decked out in their original 60’s outfits.

LEGO Superheroes: The Tumbler $280

Lego Batman 76023You know a lego car is complex when it’s limited to only those old enough to actually drive.  Based on the Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan movies the tumbler uses 1,869 pieces, making it one of the most complex single vehicle lego sets ever made.

LEGO Superheroes: Arkham Asylum Breakout $287
Lego Batman 10937

The world’s least secure asylum makes it’s debut in lego form.  Along with a crew of Arkham regulars, this set is the only appearance of a lego Harleen Quinzel.

Have fun watching the baddies escape again and again.  And again.

LEGO Batman – The Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault $350

Lego Batman 7782

Joker’s R&D department is once again no match for the Bat’s.  Discontinued in 2006 the Batwing features panels that open to launch tiny missiles at the Joker-copter.

LEGO Batman – The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze’s Invasion $965

Lego batman 7783

The Batcave is in peril once again, this time from Mr. Freeze and Penguin along with his tiny penguin stooges.  While not as large as the classic TV series Batcave, this older model is not without its highlights. After using the costume change chamber Batman can man the control center with its wrap around monitors.  Then it’s down the spiral staircase to work on the Batmobile (tiny lego toolset included) while Robin reloads the rocket net launcher.

LEGO Batman – The Batmobile Ultimate Collector’s Edition $1,111

Lego batman 7784

Long since discontinued, this special collector’s edition is the only Batman lego set to not include any minfigures.  The 1,045 pieces assemble into moving engine turbines and rotating booster flames along with a fully detailed interior.  Not that you’ll ever take it out of the box of course.

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