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The Top 20 LEGO Batman Sets – Updated

10 Best Batman Lego Sets

*Updated 2021

They say that LEGOs have proven to be a better investment than gold, and for the people willing to shell out $500+ for some of these sets, we hope that’s true.

Between his endless supply of gadgets, gizmos and vehicles, Batman was practically made for LEGO sets.  Just about every inch of the Batcave is begging to built in brick form.  

We’ve put together a list of the 20 greatest Batman themed LEGO sets ever created. 

LEGO 1989 Batmobile – 76139

This massive 3,306 piece set assembles into the iconic 1989 Batmobile piloted by Michael Keaton in the original movie. Notable features include a functioning slide-open glass cockpit with seating for two. Turning the turbine on the back releases 2 hidden machine guns that pop out of the hood.

At 23″ long, this Batmobile dwarfs the 3 included minifigures – Batman, Joker and Vicki Vale.

LEGO 1989 Batwing Set – 76161

Continuing our vein in the 1989 Tim Burton movie, this 2,363 piece kit is a sight to behold. Designed as a “build-and-display” model, the attention to detail is particularly exceptional, with a removable canopy that reveals a reproduction interior.

The kit includes both a stand and a special brick that allows the model to hang on the wall (or over the mantle). A plaque lists fun facts about the Batwing like its wingspan and 1,405mph top speed.

Minifigures included are Batman, The Joker and… Lawrence the Boombox goon.

LEGO Batman Movie: The Scuttler – 70908

The LEGO Batman Movie introduced many new sets and vehicles, but the most unique has to be “The Scuttler”. What exactly is it? A sort of ape-bobcat hybrid that can climb around buildings and other terrain while looking unquestionably awesome.

This 775 piece set features extending arms, a net launcher, hidden jetpack and 6 stud shooters. A full cast of minifigs includes Batman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson.

LEGO DC: Mobile Bat Base – 76160

Some of the larger LEGO sets might have a lot of pieces, but not necessarily fun pieces. Think extensive interior frameworks and scaffolding. What makes the Mobile Bat Base stand out was the very high ratio of fun pieces.

The 743 piece set includes what’s essentially a mobile Batcave for when Big-Hoss-Batman needs to hit the open road. The set includes 5 vehicles (Batjet, ATV, Jet-Ski, Motorcycle and the detachable truck). The interior of the Mobile Bat Base houses a portable crime lab and even an onboard jail.

Adding to the fun is an unusually large cast of figures – Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, Mr. Freeze, Man-Bat and Bronze Tiger.

LEGO The Bat-Tank: Riddler and Bane’s Hideout – 7787

Released in 2007, the LEGO Bat-Tank has entered collector territory at $699. The 645 piece kit assembles into a gate-crashing tank complete with real rolling treads and a built-in missile launcher.

The Riddler and Bane are outfitted with their own (far punier) means of transport – a jetpack and motorbike. Dare to open the box and you’ll find a blue-cowled Batman, hairy-chested Bane and Riddler minifigures.

LEGO Batman Movie: The Joker Manor – 70922

This huge 3,444 piece set explores what happens when The Joker takes over the hallowed halls of Wayne Manor. The funhouse aesthetic reaches every corner, from the wrap-around rollercoaster to the giant Joker face escape-chute.

The back of the set features multiple Joker-ized Wayne Manor rooms, as well as a pop-out giant boxing gloves.

10 included minifigures make for endless Bat-shenanigans – The Joker, Batman, Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Alfred Pennyworth in Classic Batsuit, Disco Batman, Disco Joker, Disco Batgirl and Disco Robin.

LEGO Batman Movie: Batcave Break-in – 70909

The Batmobile might get all the attention but its aquatic cousin, the Batboat, also has its own place in the Batcave. Batman’s secret harbor is under attack from none other than The Penguin and his highly intimidating… Duckmobile.

Add to that Penguin’s buzzsaw-wielding henchman and Batman will have his hands full.

The set features a rotating transformation chamber for Bruce Wayne to ‘transform’ into Batman, and a rotating multiscreen control center. The Batboat itself is also primed and ready thanks to spring-loaded missiles.

Batman, The Penguin, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth are included, along with three other spare Batsuits.

LEGO Ultrabuild Batman – 4526

This set is an interesting stand-out from the myriad LEGO movie tie-ins. It assembles to form a hybrid LEGO/Batman action figure that can do things other sets can’t. The Ultrabuild line is built similarly to Bionicles, standing about 8″ high with fully articulated joints.

The Batman Ultrabuild figure comes with 2 swords that can lock together. In an unlikely paring, the set can also be joined with the Ultrabuild edition of Green Lantern to form a… unique combination.

LEGO DC: Batman Batsub and the Underwater Clash – 76116

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that there’s no place on Earth out of reach to the Dark Knight. That includes the depths of the ocean, where Batman is bound to cross paths with the King of the Seven Seas himself, Aquaman.

This small but sweet set packs a lot of fun in 174 pieces. The Batsub has adjustable claws, rotating wings, propellers and stud shooters.

Figures include scuba-suit Batman, Aquaman, the nefarious Ocean Master plus a shark.

LEGO Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack – 76087

In an unfortunate editing move (among many), a big scene featuring Batman’s “Flying Fox” was cut from the Justice League movie. It’s a real shame because the vehicle itself is actually pretty amazing.

One of its stand-out features is a cargo bay big enough to haul a full-size Batmobile. There are also multiple missile, stud shooters and a dual minifigure cockpit.

The flying fox set includes 2 parademon figures, Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and a super-sized Steppenwolf.

LEGO Superheroes: The Batboat Harbor Pursuit – 76034

Lego Batman 76034The Batboat features two enclosed cockpits for Batman and Robin that can be separated from the main craft. Once the pods are deployed the center of the craft has a satellite dish to act as mission control.  All the better to close in on Deathstroke and his super-jumping action!

 LEGO Superheroes: The Joker Steamroller – 76013

Lego batman 76013How a steamroller with lips is a match against a plane is anyone’s guess.  The 11″ long Batwing features flickable missiles and makes the perfect platform for Robin and Batgirl.  Joker’s “Bang!” gun also makes an appearance.

LEGO Superheroes: JOKERLAND – 76035
Lego batman 76035

Collectible alert!  The Jokerland set is the first and only appearance of the Teen Titans Starfire and Beast-Boy in lego form.  They join their old pal Robin and Batman against the Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin and Poison Ivy in an epic clash at Joker’s twisted 1,037 piece amusement park.

LEGO Superheroes: The Batcave – 6860
Lego Batman 6860

Batman AND Bruce Wayne in the same lego set?!  An imposter perhaps?  This Batcave comes equipped with a computer terminal, Bat-gear armory and holding cell to aid the caped crusader against Poison Ivy and Bane, who have burrowed into the Batcave.

LEGO Superheroes: Batman Classic TV Series Batcave – 76052
Lego Batman 76052

Holy weekend-well-spent Batman!  The classic TV series Batcave features a sprawling diorama with plenty of homages to the original show.

After receiving a call on the classic red telephone, Bruce and Dick slide (yes, they actually slide) down the fire-poles hidden in the study.  Then the dynamic duo have their choice of Batcopter or 1960’s Batmobile to aid them against a full cast of villains… Catwoman, The Joker, The Penguin and Riddler all decked out in their original 60’s outfits.

LEGO Superheroes: The Tumbler – 76023

Lego Batman 76023You know a LEGO car is complex when it’s limited to only those old enough to actually drive.  Based on the Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan movies the tumbler uses 1,869 pieces, as well as exclusive minifigure designs from The Dark Knight Trilogy.

LEGO Superheroes: Arkham Asylum Breakout – 10937
Lego Batman 10937

The world’s least secure asylum makes it’s debut in LEGO form.  Along with a crew of Arkham regulars, this set is the only appearance of a LEGO Harleen Quinzel.

Have fun watching the baddies escape again and again.  And again.

LEGO Batman – The Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault – 7782

Lego Batman 7782

Joker’s R&D department is once again no match for the Batman’s.  Discontinued in 2006, the Batwing features panels that open to launch tiny missiles at the Joker-copter.

LEGO Batman – The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze’s Invasion – 7783

Lego batman 7783

The Batcave is in peril once again, this time from Mr. Freeze and The Penguin along with his tiny penguin stooges.  While not as large as the classic TV series Batcave, this older model is not without its highlights. After using the costume-change chamber, Batman can man the control center with its wrap around monitors.  Then it’s down the spiral staircase to work on the Batmobile (tiny LEGO toolset included) while Robin reloads the rocket launcher.

LEGO Batman – The Batmobile Ultimate Collector’s Edition – 7784

Lego batman 7784

Long since discontinued, this special collector’s edition is now worth over $500.  The 1,045 pieces assemble into moving engine turbines and rotating booster flames along with a fully detailed interior.  Not that you’ll ever take it out of the box of course.

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