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The 10 Best Batman Action Figures

top 10 best batman action figures

Batman action figures have seen countless iterations over the years, from the lead figurines given away in the 1940s, to the massive selection today for both kids and adults.  The collector crowd is ravenous, and with so many choices on the market it can make your cowl spin.  But to make a great action figure, it all boils down to one key requirement: you never notice you’re holding a few ounces of molded plastic.  That character should come to life in your hand.  It should serve as a vessel for imagination and a worthy lead actor in the theater of your mind’s-eye.

A lot to ask for some toys, but not the ones on this list.

We’ve done the sorting for you and have gathered together the 10 best Batman action figures based on quality, rarity and design.

Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts INJUSTICE Batman – $57.99

injustice batman action figure

Tamashii is Japanese for “spirit” and you can quickly see the “tamashii” literally oozing out of their figures.  The S.H Figurarts collection is on the premium side of the spectrum, using Bandai’s state of the art design technology designed to accurately mimic the range of motion of the human body.  This figure portrays Batman as he appeared in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video games, and includes two interchangeable hands, batarangs, a bat grenade and grapple gun.  There’s also an additional armored mask head.

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Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts “The Dark Knight” Batman Figure – $47

Bandai The Dark Knight action figure

Also from the S.H Figuarts collections, the Dark Knight 6″ action figure looks like he stepped straight out of the Christopher Nolan trilogy.  The attention to detail on the body armor and face is eerily realistic.  The cloth cape has embedded wires, allowing you to create many swooping, billowing poses.  There are also additional heads, hands and weapon accessories.

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Medicom Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Knightmare Batman – $68

batman vs superman nightmare batman action figure

One of the few, if not only, Batman figures to be bundled with guns, this figure portrays Batman as shown in the Knightmare sequence during Dawn of Justice.  Produced by Japanese toy maker Medicom, this “Batfleck” action figure is not only highly detailed, but armed to the TEETH.  Accessories include:

  • 4 sets of hands
  • Binoculars
  • FN SCAR-L (Assault Rifle)
  • Colt MK 4 (Handgun)
  • Bruce Wayne Face Head
  • Removed Mask
  • Movable Stand
  • Kryptonite spear
  • Battle damaged armored Batman head
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DC Collectibles Batman Expressions Pack Action Figure – $34

batman animated series action figure

This Batman figure shows Bats as he appeared in the 90s classic, Batman: The Animated Series.  The expressions pack includes more swappable head sculpts than any other figure out there, as well as alternate capes and gadget goodies.   What really makes the DC Collectible figure stand out is the WIDE array of companion figures available.  Nearly every major character shown in Batman: The Animated Series has been created for the collection, all at the same 6″ proportions.  This opens up endless possibilities for poses and scene recreation when bundled with other figures like Clayface or even Roxy Rocket.

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Square Enix Variant Play Arts Kai Batman: Timeless – Wild West Action Figure – $149.99

wild west play arts kai batman action figure

The Play Arts Kai action figures from Square Enix are simply some of the best.  They portray a level of detail and creativity that makes you want to see a show based on the toy, rather than the other way around.  Their variant series takes familiar characters from comics and video games and morphs them into bizarre versions from alternate universes or timelines.  They’ve gone full-out with Batman and have made everything from Bushido Batman to the dark and twisted Joker-Batman.  The Wild West Batman gives us a glimpse of how the caped crusader could’ve turned out had he just been born 150 years earlier.  His nomex and microchips have been traded for leather and a big ol’ battle axe.  The figure comes with 4 interchangeable hands, a knife, batarang and a grappling-hook firing pistol.

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SpruKits Batman: Arkham City Action Figure Model Kit – $17.50

spruKits batman action figure review

SpruKits is a offshoot of Bandai that combines action figures and DIY model kits.  Their Arkham City Batman model comes in 95 pieces that assemble together with no glue or tools required.  The end result is a 5.19″ fully articulated action figure that includes the added satisfaction of having built it yourself.  The level 2 kit is suitable for most, but if you really want to test your limits (and dexterity) the level 3 Batman figure comes with a whopping 161 pieces.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: 30th Anniversary Box Set – $39.99

Batman the Dark Knight Returns 30th anniversary box set action figures

At just under $40, that works out to only $10 a character for the 30th anniversary box set of Frank Miller’s iconic The Dark Knight Returns.  The graphic novel featured an old and cantankerous Batman well past his prime, which the set has captured perfectly with his Clint Eastwood-like sculpted grimace.  The set also includes Carrie Kelly’s Robin, Superman and the Joker.

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DC Comics Designer Action Figures Series 2: Thrasher Suit Batman by Greg Capullo – $63.95

batman thrasher suit action figure

Based on the artwork of Batman artist Greg Capullo, the thrasher armor is one of Batman’s hardest-hitting suits.  The suit made its debut in the comics when Bats needed to take on an army of “The Court of Owls” talon assassins in sub-zero temperatures.  Dwarfing other figures in the line, the thrasher suit stands at a solid 9″ of metallic exoskeleton.  The helmet is removable, revealing our favorite dashing billionaire.  The toy is also highly posable, and its larger size allows for fully articulated fingers – a rarity for action figures.

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Square Enix DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai STEAMPUNK Batman Action Figure – $79.99

steampunk batman action figure

In an alternate universe steampunk Batman stalks the streets of Victorian Gotham, his utility belt overflowing with spare cogs and gears.  Another entry from the Play Arts Kai variant series, this steampunk Batman action figure has an unbelievable level of design details.  Layers of pistons, buckles and hammer-forged armor abound.  A transparent chest piece reveals the bronze gears beneath, and the 5 layer cape is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine sketches.  You can practically see the steam-powered mechanics in motion.  The figure includes a badass looking steampunk crossbow, as well as several hand variants.

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DC Universe Total Heroes Batman Beyond Figure – $43.95

best batman beyond action figure

We couldn’t end this list without mentioning Batman Beyond, which includes a wizened Bruce Wayne head sculpt in honor of the shows pilot episode where Bruce wears the suit.  The 6″ figure includes Terry McGinnis of course, with both mask on and off.  There’s also 4 interchangeable hands, a snap on cape/wing glider, 4 batarangs and one of the stranger accessories on this list… a mini-figure of Micron from Justice League Unlimited.

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