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The Complete Guide to The Hot Wheels Batmobile

Hot Wheels Batmobile

Hot wheels have been around for ages now, and it’s one of the most popular brands for kids. They are seen as toy cars, but Hot Wheels are so much more than that. Well, they may actually be toy cars, but the truth is that some hot wheels are worth thousands of dollars, especially if they are vintage. Hot wheels gained popularity in the1960s when Mattel first introduced them. Before we go into the hot wheel Batmobile, let’s dive into the history. 

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History of Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels first came into the spotlight in 1968. At the height of the auto industry’s successauto industry’s success, the Mattel toy company decided to pull off an audacious move that saw them creating miniature cares for children and young teenagers.

Understand that this era had seen awesome cars with humongous tires created by the auto industry, and the crazed out love for these extended to the whole country. This trend caused the Mattel toy industry to think of the genius idea of creating the exact miniatures of these exotic cars. These toy cars became popular quite fast. The special features that came with it were fascinating enough to the child’s mind busy. 

The Mattel first hot wheel collecting was a 16 die-cast toy model. They were all painted in deep red specter flame colors, while the tops were pitch black. The colors were so drawing and endearing that I got the attention of almost every child and teenager.

One of the people who had worked on the first installment was Ira Gilford. He was the faithful worker of the Mattel toy store. He worked in Chevrolet for the four years before he joined Mattel’s toy company.  It held the whole nation to ransom as every little one wanted one.

History of The Hot Wheels Batmobile

The Hot Wheels Batmobile has always been produced for the latest rendition of the vehicle. Hot Wheels has always prided itself on making each version of the Batmobile so that Batman fans and the brand can always be happy.

One of the most beloved cars is their Hot Wheels Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie. The 1989 Batman is one of the best Batman movies ever made. It was one of the first to bring superheroes to the big screen. The movie was hyped up, and it actually lived up to the hype. The Batmobile is straight-up nostalgic for many.

Various types of Hot wheels

With each new passing year, hot wheels have gained more popularity as new designs came in each year. The speed at which these little cars ran made them even more desired by the public. To date, Mattel toys have created over 3 billion cars already. This is by far more productions than the other three big automakers.  

A little over 800 models have been created. Also, there are about 11,000 different Hot wheel variations. According to the company’s data, eight cars are sold every single second. 

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The Batmobile

 The Batmobile is Batman’s main source of transportation. He once used to address the Batmobile as just another car, but we believe that he soon got endeared to the Batmobile. In a sense, the Batmobile was a source of identification and, hoped to some and others, a source of terror. The car is made of bulletproof materials that prevent him from being hit by hellfire bullets. The design of the Batmobile was first illustrated by a man named Julian Caldow. Both Anton Furst and Tim Burton closely supervised him.

When the Batmobile is not in use, it simply rests in the Batcave. Some versions of the Batmobile have been able to fly, disobeying the law of gravity. The Batmobile’s popularity surged after Michael Keaton’s Batman and Batman Returns. Some fans even dubbed it the Keaton Mobile. The Batmobile has many features like split up, grenade launchers, bulletproof tires, and cars. 

The Hot Wheels Batmobile 

This is one of the best gifts you can get for your children. Who wouldn’t want the replica of their favorite hero’s car? The prices of miniature cars are also on the rise these days. Below are some of the best Hot Wheels Batmobile available that you can take a pick from.

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DieCast Hotwheels Color Shifters Batmobile

The diecast Hotwheels Batmobile is one of the recent Hotwheel Batmobiles. They are designed for people of the age range of 3 and above. It weighs about 1.44 ounces, so it shouldn’t be a worry for your child to carry. It costs just $24.99.  

Hot Wheels 1:50 Scale Batman The Animated Series Batmobile 80 Years

If your child is a lover of Batman, this is the Batmobile for him. It weighs just 4  ounces. It can be used by children aged 8 months and above, according to the manufacturers. The Mattel toy company creates it. It goes for just $15.95 apart from shipping fees. There are currently just two left in stock, so get buying soon before it is sold out.

Hot wheels The Dark Knight Batmobile Diecast Car 1:64 Scale

This is another Batmobile that your child should have. Even collectors can have these and have fun with them. It costs just $6.99 apart from shipping fees. It weighs just 1.23 ounces and is safe for the use of 0-3 years. 

Hot Wheels The Dark Knight Batmobile Diecast Car 1:64 Scale
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