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Blanc – A Full Face Mask With Air Filtration

blanc face mask review

If there’s one thing 2020 introduced us to, it’s the huge selection of face coverings out there.

Paper masks, cloth masks, silicone masks, face shields etc.

And you know what none of them do?

Make you look like a cyberpunk transhumanist anti-hero from the future.

full face mask with visor in white

The Blanc face mask however, is a different animal entirely. Currently going gangbusters on Kickstarter, the full face mask not only looks like a prop from Ghost in the Shell, it also serves as a practical form of protection.

Total coverage (and anonymity)

blanc mask in black and white

The Blanc mask completely covers the mouth, nose and eyes, leaving the rest of the head exposed, kind of like a partial motorcycle helmet. It’s held in place with a thick band that fits like a pair of ski goggles.

The visor portion is completely opaque, leaving every inch of your face a total mystery.

full face cover mask

It’s said the average American is recorded on camera around 50 times per day, with that number only expected to go up. Putting a Blanc mask on ensures 180-degrees of privacy protection and the utter befuddlement of facial recognition everywhere.

“We designed BLANC to create a change. It’s the world’s first full-face mask that creates a unique medium for your self-expression and creative personality, along with ensuring supreme protection from bacteria, pathogens, and viruses,”

Phillip Egorov, Creator of BLANC Mask.

If the stark look of black and white isn’t for you, the front panels come in a range of different colors and designs.

The panels are held to the frame of the mask magnetically and take seconds to swap out.

woman wearing black full face mask

Onboard HEPA filtration

You might be wondering how exactly you breath without any obvious air holes. At the top of the mask are air vents that pull fresh air through replaceable HEPA filters. Exhaled air then passes through the bottom near the neck.

Only time will tell exactly how badly the visor fogs up.

how the blanc mask filters air
blanc mask kickstarter measurements

Voice Modulation?!

Though the campaign page doesn’t list exact details, they mention the option of add-on modules like voice modulation and climate control that will be fully functional with Kickstarter Blanc masks.

We’ll go ahead and assume that means a full-on voice morpher embedded in the mask, which leaves only one question… Bane or Vader?

Try it on with AR

In a clever piece of digital marketing, prospective buyers can “try on” the Blanc mask thanks to augmented reality filters on Instagram or Facebook.

You can try it for yourself with the following links:

How to buy the Blanc mask

If you’d like to feel like a lost member of Daft Punk you can currently pre-order the Blanc mask from their Kickstarter page from $79. That gets you one mask, one magnetic front panel (in a color of your choice) and 2 HEPA filters.

Orders are estimated to deliver March 2021.