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4 Great Keychain Tasers to Protect Yourself With

Keychain Tasers

Considering safety is never a bad idea. Keychain tasers are an excellent invention that will definitely protect you. It is a taser that is attached to a keychain. An ultimate design that utilizes the possibility of you taking your keychain everywhere to protect yourself. 

Keychain tasers have been around for a while and have saved people. 

Here are some of the best keychain tasers for you. 

1. Mini Keychain Taser Slider Stun Gun Pepper Spray Self Defense Kit.

Mini Keychain Taser Slider Stun Gun Pepper Spray Self Defense Kit
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Personal Non-Lethal Weapons For Women Or Men. High Volt Rechargeable USB Pocket Taser & Key Ring Strongest OC CS Defence Spray Combo: You can find the product here. Keychain Taser¹

The U-Guard Security Products “Keychain Taser Pepper Spray Combo Kit” is ideal for Women, Men, College Students, And Seniors. Basically, everyone can use it. It is effortless to carry, and you can easily conceal it for nonlethal personal safety. This device can come in handy for your protection and, of course, defense.

This mini slider stun gun really packs a punch with a true high open volt,  starting at 10 million volts with a consistent max amperage allowed by law. 

It is one of the best small USB rechargeable stun guns with LED flashlights for its micro size at only 3.25″ Long x 1″ wide and weighing in at 1.5oz.

This keychain taser has about three different color options to choose from. There’s black, blue, and pink for women who would love to protect themselves with style.

The U-Guard Maximum Strength ½ oz 3D pocket pepper spray keychain is made from a 18% OC law enforcement formula with 3 lines of defense. 

The first is Hot Red Pepper, CS military Tear Gas and UV Invisible Dye to help identify an attacker.

The .5 oz pepper spray shoots a straight stream, for accuracy up to 16′. 

The built-in keychain and locking twist top actuator, easy to release and shoot. You’ll be ready to protect and defend yourself.

Exclusive Life Defend Lifetime Warranty:

U-Guard Security Products offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Personal Stun Gun from manufacturing defective materials under normal use. They extend the manufacturer warranty from a 1-year Warranty to a Lifetime Warranty because of the quality and durability of this product.

U-Guard 3D pepper sprays are Made In The USA and have A Life Defend Warranty. You will never need to worry about expiration dates again. If your unused pepper spray expires, you can send them the full unused expired pepper spray back, and it will be replaced.


  • * USB Taser Keychain With LED Light
  • * USB Charger For Slider Stun Gun
  • * ½ oz Maximum Strength Pepper Spray With Key Ring
  • * Rubber Key Chain Fob
  • * Detailed Self Defense Products Instructions & Retail Packaging
  • This is an excellent taser keychain for you to protect yourself.

2. Reax Mini Stun Gun Micro USB Keychain Taser Rechargeable with Flashlight

REAX 10 Million Volt Micro USB Keychain Stun Gun,Rechargeable with LED Flashlight
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The miniature self defense stun gun flashlight is a very portable protection device that is designed to go with you everywhere. It has the size and appearance of a common flash drive. It looks completely normal but this device comes with 10 million volts of criminal crippling stopping power.

At 3-½” x 1″ x ½”, it is compact and the stun power is extremely effective.

This keychain taser is slim and discreet, quick and handy. It can be attached to your Keychain as a normal USB. It can generate electricity instantaneously in a short period of time. 

Simply slide the thumb-switch forward to release 4.9 milliamps of electricity to make anyone think twice before bothering you.

Release the thumb-switch and it will retract with ease.

It comes complete with LED flashlight, made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum, with black wrist strap.

This Stun Gun features a quick charging mini-usb port and can be conveniently charged from most cell phone chargers or computers. It includes a charging cord, and wrist strap.

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Micro USB Keychain Taser 

3. World’s Smallest Stun Gun Keychain with Mini LED Flashlight (One of the Best Keychain Tasers)

Guard Dog Security Hornet World's Smallest Stun Gun
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The world smallest stun gun is perfect because you can get to it quickly and surprise whoever is trying to harm you. They won’t even see it coming! You can buy multiple of these and hold one in your car, one at your desk, have one on your keychain or wherever else you would need one.

4. Mini Keychain Stun Gun LED Flashlight HORNET 6 Million Volt Pink Rechargeable

The Monster “Hornet” (Pink) 6,000,000 Volt Rechargeable Mini Stun Gun With LED Flashlight.  The World Smallest Stun Gun Non-Lethal Self Defense Key Chain With Lifetime Warranty.

The smallest stun gun in the world, the Monster Hornet. Weighing less than 2 ounces and measuring less than 4 inches in length, the Hornet delivers a sting on a keyring that will alarm any unsuspecting attacker.

This Monster stun gun combines 3 powerful LED lights, a convenient built-in rechargeable battery and dazzling stun gun all in the most compact body ever designed in a stun gun. By effortlessly attaching the Hornet onto your keychain, you are guaranteed to have a level of protection never before seen (or felt) in a portable safety device.

6000000 Powerful Stun Gun: Theyll be shocked to feel, see and hear the power of the Hornet stun gun

Build-in 3 LED Flashlight: 3 LED lights align the top to shine a convenient light, perfect for carrying everywhere you go

The Smallest Stun Gun in the World: Never before has such size been met with such power.

Built-in Keychain: Attached to your keys, keep protection near you wherever you go

Built-In Rechargeable Battery: A charger that hides within the stun gun and pops out whenever required, plugging directly into a wall socket

Rubberized, Non-Slip Grip: Fully coated in rubber armor, the Monster stun gun provides non-slip grip for a secure hold on your safety device

Safety Switch: A safety switch prevents accidental discharge, yet convenient enough for a one-hand operation in the event of usage

Nylon Holster: A sleek nylon holster with belt loop that allows you to protect and carry your stun gun everywhere. Perfectly designed so that you can attach the holster onto the stun gun with the keychain still in access

Lifetime Warranty: Rest assured. The Hornet comes with a lifetime warranty that protects your safety device for the life of the product.

To order for this keychain taser, click on this link.

Pink Keychain Taser