Batman Factor

The Best Armored Clothing You Can Buy

real armored clothing you can buy

Batman is depicted as being pretty much bulletproof in both the comics and movies. It is ironic that the man who chooses to never wields a gun seems to encounter them so often. In the real world there are now more firearms in the United States than people, so it’s no surprise to see a niche market of bulletproof clothing developing.

We’re all familiar with the bulky bulletproof vests worn by law enforcement and the military, but what many are unaware of is the wide range of armored clothing available to the public.

It doesn’t take megabucks or your own private R&D department to find just about a whole wardrobe worth of discreet and capable protective gear.

We’ve picked some of the stand-out brands and listed their more compelling products below:

UARM Body Armor

armored t-shirt

UARM has supplied tactical equipment to armed forces, law enforcement and security professionals since 2014. Their armored clothing line has both inner and outerwear that wouldn’t look out of place at a backyard barbecue.

bulletproof t-shirt

Their “Covert Armored T-shirt” or CAT stands out as being particularly versatile. Embedded soft armor panels cover a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to explosive fragments.

While the t-shirt may mimic the look of a Hanes sold in a 5-pack, the price is a tad higher. $348 might shock at first, but is a relative bargain considering it can potentially save a life.

Wonder Hoodie

bulletproof hoodie

Wonder Hoodie was born out of the frustration over the lack of bulletproof clothing available for women or children. Their line of tactical apparel is designed to be comfortable enough to wear daily, while still protecting against a .44 magnum.

Their namesake bulletproof hoodie has police-grade NIJ-IIIA protection around not only the torso, but also the head. Pull up the hood and discreet panels protect the back and sides of noggins in danger.

There’s also a kid’s version that offers the same protection in a smaller sizes.

Prices start from $450.

Innocent Armor

innocent armor clothing

Innocent Armor uses their own Shield-Tec material to imbue the highest level of soft armor protection in their products. Available for both men and women, their clothing lines could be considered downright stylish.

Their black sheepskin leather jacket cuts quite the figure.

There’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) certified ballistic protection on the front, back and side (and a microfiber lining for warmth). Women have their choice of leather and denim jackets, as well as a down vest.

The leather jackets start from $797.

MC Armor

Miguel Caballero and his company MC Armor could be considered the “designer label” of the ballistic clothing world. Founded 28 years ago, the company has provided armored clothing for clients like King Felipe VI and Barack Obama.

While the brand offers a wide array of off-the-shelf choices, their tailor-made section is particularly noteworthy. By submitting your own unique measurements MC Armor can make a tailored ballistic top with panels optimized just for you.

bulletproof jacket from MC armor

The “Brando” jacket looks particularly classic, with 100% British cotton and corduroy details on collar and cuffs. It also stops a .357 magnum.

As always, the designer name bumps up the prices with vests starting at around $915.