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This Bolt Action Pen is Stronger Than Steel

ketalon rohk pen review

They say every time Chuck Norris signs an autograph the pen turns into a tiny diamond.

Well Norris fans, your search for an indestructible pen is over. The Rohk pen from Ketalon Gear is a feature-packed EDC pen that takes its styling cues from ballistic missiles and the Iron Giant.

The chunky body isn’t just for looks though – every inch is designed for optimum usability and performance. Built-in features like:

  • Waterproof/shockproof single piece design
  • Airport-friendly zero metal content
  • 3mm wall construction for unbeatable crush strength
  • Thick body can be used with gloved hands
  • Keeps fingers the perfect 20mm from page
  • 19mm grip length for thick fingers

In a pinch, the pen can be even be used as an impact tool.

ketalon color options

Tough, but lovable

The Rohk Pen is made using a special glass fiber-reinforced polymer. For reference, fiber-reinforced polymers are the same materials used in ballistic armor, aerospace, automotive, marine and construction industries.

Ketalon is so sure of their pen’s durability that it’s guaranteed for life.

Locked and loaded

Instead of fiddly caps and trigger-happy buttons, the Rohk uses a bolt action mechanism to retract the nib. By using only one moving part the pen lasts much longer (and the sound is awfully satisfying too).

ketalon bolt action pen

Check out their Kickstarter video below to see how the editing style of The Fast and the Furious makes everything better…