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DOGO Remote Control Tactical Robot

dogo tactical drone robot

Remember Short Circuit, the campy 80s comedy?  It starred Johnny Five, a military designed war-machine that gets struck by lightning, magically giving him a soul (and fantastic eyebrow puppetry).

short circuit military robot

Well as can usually be expected, reality has caught up to 80s sci-fi.  There’s now a real weapon-wielding robot (with a heart-of-gold underneath, I’m sure).  It’s name is DOGO.

dogo robot

DOGO is a tactical combat drone designed for high risk applications like war zones and hostage situations.  The body isn’t much bigger than an RC car, which makes it small enough to fit in a backpack.  Don’t be fooled by its size though; this bot is armed and dangerous.

A 9mm Glock pistol can be equipped onto DOGO, enabling it to fire 2 bullets a second and carry a 14 round magazine.  The 8 on-board cameras stream video back to the operator.  The remote control has a full color touchscreen allowing “point and shoot” capability.

The rugged body uses tank treads to maneuver over rough terrain and even climb stairs (take that Roomba).

drone climbing stairs

DOGO has less lethal uses too.  A pepper spray module can be equipped in place of the gun, allowing it to spray a continuous stream up to 18ft away.  

While DOGO offers a way for human soldiers to keep out of harm’s way, I still would love to see what would happen if it ever got struck by lightning.

johnny five short circuit gif