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What Makes Ben Affleck Batman Suit the Best Suit Ever?

Ben Affleck Batman Suit

Although the movies Batman vs. Superman and Justice League didn’t reach their box office target, a lot of people still believe that its director, Zack Snyder, did a great job when it comes to Ben Affleck Batman suit.

Fans were happy when they saw the new Batman costumes in the movies. Some even believe that they were probably the best Batsuit adaptation in the DC Extended Universe ever.

But the truth is that there are actually four different Batman costumes that Ben Affleck wore in those movies. These include two standard suits, one armored suit, and one tactical suit.

For this reason, we need to take a closer look at each of these Batman costumes. This is to better understand what makes them unique and better than other Batman suits used in the movies.

Different Types of Ben Affleck Batman Suit that He Wore in the Movies

Batman Standard Suit

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There are slight differences between the standard Ben Affleck Batman suit in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League. But it is pretty obvious that they have the same source of inspiration.

The idea for the majority of the design is from Frank Miller’s Batsuit in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. However, the first standard costume is more jaded and cynical to reflect Batman’s view of Superman as a global threat.

Overall, these two standard suits’ design is closer to the comic book version than any other Batsuits made. They are what comic book fans expect, and they allow more movement that enables the actor to portray the role better.

The Bat design on the chest looks awesome, and so does the utility belt. The costume’s overall feel brings you back to the comic but still leaves you with a modern feel. A big thing that brings the outfit to life is that Ben Affleck actually fills the suit out well. Batman looks like a bruiser that you don’t want to mess with.

Batman Armored Suit

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Another type of Ben Affleck Batman suit worn in the movies is the armored suit. It is the costume that Batman uses in his action-filled fight with Superman in the first movie.

Although the suit is a little bit unique, it is similar to the Batsuit Miller has in Dark Knight Returns. The armored suit uses Miller’s heavy and clumsy-looking design that makes Batman look like a bulky juggernaut.

Also, the design of the boots and gauntlet are the same as those used in the Dark Knight Returns costume. On the other hand, Snyder’s team did introduce some changes to Miller’s design to make it more practical and realistic.

They increased the functionality of Batman’s gadgets to make them look cooler. Also, they added new weapons such as machine guns, sonics, kryptonite vapor grenade, and kryptonite spear.

In general, It is a great adaptation of Miller’s amazing costume using the right upgrades that makes them look better.

Because the suit provides so much armor and protection, it still has to make you wonder how he would absorb hits without a sift inside. Think of it as getting hit in a metal cage, it may not hurt the metal cage, but it will definitely hurt the person rolling around on the inside.

The suit will always stand out because it is the most unique of most Batman suits. It also shows how prepared Bruce Wayne is. He was always ready for the duel with Superman.

Batman Tactical Suit

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The last type of Batsuit that Affleck wore in the movies is the tactical Batman suit. It is one of the unique costumes featured in a movie that includes the Batman character.

This suit was made famous in the final battle of the Justice League against the villain Steppenwolf. It was designed to create a stronger armor with better mobility than the heavily armored suit Batman used against Superman.

The tactical suit aims to supply better protection than the standard suit Batman uses. It features a cowl design with a more sculptured look, better protective eyewear, and smaller ears.

However, many people notice the similarities of the suit’s design with that of Nite Owl’s suit in Watchmen. But overall, the tactical version is a modern design of the Batsuit that makes Batman more formidable against his enemies.

Final Words About Ben Affleck Batman Suit

To summarize, Ben Affleck Batman suits were the most accurate on-screen versions of the original comic book Batsuit designs. They allow for better mobility, and they look great on the big screen.

Furthermore, Snyder’s Batsuit color schemes were on point with comic books, making them more realistic to fans. These are the reasons why a lot of people consider these Batman costumes the best ones ever made.

The movie also wins for having a variety of suits for a purpose. In most Batman movies, there is one change at most and not often for the best of reasons. In this movie, every single outfit change made sense. The movie made Bruce Wayne look like one of the most prepared men in Gotham.