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Taser Barb: The Weapon You Didn’t Know You Needed

Taser Barb

One of the most interesting superheroes in the DC universe is Batman. Batman’s influence in the Universe has been so great that he leads the Justice League, despite being the one without superpowers. How does a human go head to head when the likes of the man of steel? How does he hold equal if not higher pull in the Justice League? It’s not his money. He uses his intelligence and awesome weapons like Taser Barb to do it.

From the crisis on infinite earth to darkest nights, he has managed to stay on top and ahead, putting earth’s needs above his own. Even so, he has had to make some decisions that they might cave when left to any other mortal being. He has been able to do this and not without help too. Batman is not Batman without his gear. You can use Taser Barb to increase your Batman Factor too.

One of these is the Taser Barb.

It fires two small barbed darts that are intended to puncture the skin and stay attached. Once it latches onto the target, it will stay that way and do this at 180 feet (55 m) per second. The Taser device is marketed as less-lethal since the possibility of serious injury or death still exists during usage of this weapon. 

The Taser Barb is a very handy tool that is used during hand combat. 

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How Does Taser Barb Work? 

Mostly used as a medium of self-defense, the taser is mainly used for this purpose. When the trigger is pulled, it shoots about 50,000 volts of electricity. This is not enough to kill a man, but just the right amount to incapacitate him. It is said to induce temporal paralysis.

The taser propels two small darts. These darts are still connected to the device with fragile wires. These wires can reach an approximate distance of 35 feet (11 meters).

Clothes cannot protect you against tasers. It is designed to penetrate clothes and immediately discharge the electricity into the victim’s body. 

The taser is absolutely different from a stun-gun. A stun gun has to be pressed against the body of the victim for it to work. A taser does not, but it can easily do the stun gun’s work when pressed against a person. 

A taser is not a firearm. Firearms are weapons that depend on gun power for propulsion. However, the taser uses Nitrogen for the darts to launch.

Can Taser Barb Kill?

Electricity and the human body are not compatible, as you might have guessed. If the violent shock didn’t do it for you, exposure to certain amounts of electricity could stop your heart. When a taser is misused, it could cause cardiac arrhythmia.

It does not matter if you’re perfectly healthy or not. Neither does take your medical history into account either. It is lethal to any individual and can cause cardiac arrhythmia if misused. 

This could very well lead to a heart attack or death within minutes of this happening. This known as ventricular fibrillation, triggering cardiac arrest and, if not taken care of swiftly, leads to sudden death.

Does it Hurt?

Getting shocked by a taser barb can be quite an unpleasant experience. Some explain the sensation as a feeling of being stung by bees. 

A man explained that When the Taser’s electrified darts struck him, he suddenly felt a shooting pain up his back that rattled his whole body, shaking his brain like a “peanut in a jar.”

“If you were to shake that jar a hundred times as fast as you can and multiply that by a thousand,” he said.

This feeling is definitely not a fun experience. 

There have been various accounts of how it feels to be shocked by a taser barn

A woman said, getting shocked by Taser barbs felt like bees “crawling” through her skin.

Eligio Torres Jr. likened being shocked by the Taser’s electrical jolt to a “horrific electrical current just flowing through your body.”

“You’re just shaking,” Torres said in court testimony. “You’re helpless. You can’t do much. You lose control.”

The sensation gotten from this weapon is definitely not the best one and it is advisable that you get one if you’re usually the lady walking down empty alleys on your way from work. 

It is also extremely useful for keeps when stacking up your batman gear.