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The Top 7 Members of the Batfamily


The Batfamily is a group of crimefighting heroes that primarily works in and around Gotham City. Batman leads this family and also trains every member individually. However, differences may arise due to Batman’s intrusive nature sometimes. But all of them respect and obey him as their leader.

The Batfamily has undergone numerous changes over the years. But we have compiled a list that features the evergreen members of this family. They have always stayed by Batman’s side, no matter how difficult it is working with him.

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7. Commissioner Jim Gordon

Gordon is the oldest known member of the Batfamily. He made his debut in 1939 in the same edition as Batman. Gordon has always shielded Batman from the law enforcement authorities.

Jim has provided Batman with useful intel multiple times, allowing him to find a crime motive successfully. This has allowed Batman to track down the criminals and protecting Gotham. Both of them have been working in sync for several years.

Gordon is best known as Batman’s source of information and an honest person in an otherwise corrupt Gotham City Police Department.

6. Barbara Gordon AKA The Batgirl

Barbara Gordon, as the batgirl, has been described as one of the most kick-ass early female characters to be introduced. The audience very well receives her. And since her debut in 1967, she has served as an integral part of the Batfamily.

Batgirl was one of the earliest characters to break the “damsel in distress” and “romantic lead of the protagonist” stereotype. The Batgirl became a female hero that can take care of herself and does not need Batman to save her.

Even after she was paralyzed in The Killing Joke, she overcame her depression and became Oracle, a computer expert providing useful Intel to different superheroes. Because of this steadfast attitude to face challenges and overcoming them, Barabara has been a very well-received character.

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5. Jason Todd AKA Red Hood

After Dick Grayson moved out and became Nightwing, Batman needed a new side-kick. Due to this reason, he found a roughed-up Kid in hopes of disciplining him into a new robin. He is probably the most hated person in the Batfamily.

Jason Todd was later introduced as the Redhood. He is now one of the most interesting antiheroes. His stance on “how to serve justice” makes him a unique character within the Batfamily.

He offers a new approach to take down criminals, often using brute force that he could never have as Robin.

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4. Tim Drake AKA Red Robin

Tim Drake is the third Robin after both Dick and Jason. But instead of Batman recruiting him, Tim convinced Batman to serve as Robin. He did so by deducing the correct identity of Batman. Initially, he served on a trial basis due to his less age, but after completing his training, Batman Formally gave him Robin’s mantle.

He has a very sharp mind and is probably the best Robin. Tim is intelligent and is naturally gifted. Due to this reason, he is an expert in computers. The new boy wonder is also a brilliant tactician and strategist like his predecessor Dick Grayson and has also served as the Teen Titans leader.

On becoming a solo hero he took the identity of the Red Robin and has been serving Gotham city with his new alter ego. He is cool-headed and is not driven by rage or revenge.

3. Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing

Dick is the first side-kick of Batman. According to some people, he was introduced as the first Robin in the Batfamily and is the best Robin. Dick also served as the Caped Crusader when Batman was thought to have died.

He became Nightwing to come out of Batman’s Shadow and has been a successful hero ever since. He is an excellent strategist, and under rigorous training sessions from Batman, he has learned almost everything Batman has to offer.

Additionally, he is the first robin to lead the teen titans due to his strong leadership qualities. Dick is the second most important member of the Batfamily after Batman.

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2. Alfred AKA The Butler

The member of the Batfamily that takes care of the Batman and helps him the most is Bruce’s butler, Alfred. He has served as a father figure to Bruce and has always been there to watch his back.

Although he is not a superhero, he enables Batman to engage in crime-fighting and care for anything Batman needs. He is a retired MI6 agent and also served as Bruce’s trainer in his early days.

Another important role Alfred plays is as an advisor to Bruce Wayne. He has been holding down Bruce and Wayne Manor since his parents died. He has seen Bruce grow and been there to help him grow into the man he is today.

Alfred has also served all other members of the batfamily.

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1. Batman

The most important member of the Batfamily is, without any doubt, is The Batman. He is the strongest and the most sophisticated of the entire Batfamily. Batman has trained with the best people from the world, providing him with a unique skill set which he uses in his fight against crime.

Not only this, but he has also trained near about everyone else in the Batfamily. Apart from this, Batman is a member of the Justice League and has a contingency plan for everyone and even has a plan to beat Superman if the situation ever comes.

Batman is also the only human or a superhero for that matter, who subdued Darkseid without any violence in Superman/Batman storyline. He made Darkseid agree to release Kara by negotiating her release in exchange for Apokalips. He did so by hacking into the hell spores and threatening to activate all of them.

Batman has saved the day multiple times without any superpowers and even had to save all of his superhero friends. Legend has it that Batman can beat anybody in the comic book universe, given he has enough time to prepare.

One can argue that this makes him the most powerful superhero of all time.

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There are also some notable mentions of various members of the Batfamily, such as Damian Wayne, Huntress, Catwoman, and Cassandra Cain, but our list highlighted the most important members of the Batfamily. Someone like Harley Quinn would eventually be considered an Ally but not a part of the Batfamily.

You always have to show the Batfamily respect. Batman is known for praising how he works alone, but his family has come alongside him on many occasions. It just goes to show that no matter how strong we think we are, we all need help sometimes.

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