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Batman Ninja Catwoman & Everything You Need to Know

Batman Ninja Catwoman

Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, is a major feature in the world of Batman. One of Gotham’s most efficient villains turned anti-hero, she has, over the years, redefined her status in the Batman mythos. Most recently, her relationship with Bruce Wayne and Batman, respectively, have earned her extra spots on the table of the greats— something very few can boast of achieving. She’s clearly a fan favorite, no matter the iteration, and this is especially evident in the Batman Ninja Catwoman version. 

Batman Ninja chronicles the world of Batman with a typical Japanese story style. Complete with Shoguns, ninja clans, swords, and the occasional Pagoda, the story takes us way back in time to the imperial Japanese era, and it’s all sights to see. Featuring Gotham legends like Penguin, Robin, the caped crusader himself, and especially the Joker, we enjoy a classic offering with a few surprises in between. 

It’s been such a great entry in the Batman Legacy that various elements have been incorporated into other worlds. One such instance is The Batman Ninja Catwoman being a playable character in the videogame Injustice. Let’s take a look at the character’s strengths and weaknesses in-game. 

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Batman Ninja Catwoman: History and Stats

Batman Ninja Catwoman is a playable character added as a member of the Metal character lineup. She is available as an addition after the 3.2 updates.

She cannot be unlocked, only being obtainable through certain packs like the Nth Metal pack, Nth Metal Ultimate pack, and the Nth Metal Pro pack. These packs can only be purchased with the new currency, known as Nth Metal. Reward-wise, chances of being gifted Batman Ninja Catwoman are very slim, even after a player has completed the Phantom Zone event.

To get the character to EVII, players would need to acquire 25 total copies. This means evolving and upgrading her to the elite level is a big task, requiring lots of real money purchases and time. Interestingly, despite Catwoman’s stats at start standing in a double of the best gold card characters have, there isn’t much difference when she’s at elite levels. 

Her base stats come in at 2900 for strength and 2700 for health. 

Batman Ninja Catwoman: Damage Pattern

Her basic combos come in light and heavy. Light combo has damage stat percentages of 2%-2%-2%-2%-(3%-3%) totalling 14% on damages, while Heavy gives 4%-4%-4% totalling 12% on damages. 


Batman Ninja Catwoman’s RAGE significantly increases her basic damage, and It also grants her the ability to drain the opponent’s powers with every basic attack hit for about six seconds.  This is indicated whenever her energy claws become larger and pinker over the regular ones. It can be identified by her having larger pink energy claws on top of her normal ones.

Her RAGE rains a lot of power from opponents and increases the damage of her basic attack hits. She can also power rain opponents even if they are starting a special move. During the special move’s animation, she will drain the power of two bars.

Her rage has a downside when used against a character with pieces of the LexCorp set, at least two pieces. Instead of draining power, the LexCorp set will reverse power drain, giving the character that drains. LexCorp Helmet V2 and Chest Armor V2 are the best [air for blocking Batman Ninja Catwoman’s power drain during her rage. 

Additionally, if the character starts a Special 2 as she is about to hit, there will be no damage if the Lexcorp set is available. Instead, you receive a power boost that allows you to perform another Special 2.

Batman Ninja Catwoman’s rage is long-lasting so that she can use it for a long time. She can activate her rage through various means, such as Tag-in, enemy KO, teammate being KO’ed while on SP2 use, and due to this, she can stack the timer in her favor.

Avoiding KO

Catwoman can also avoid KO. Almost in the same manner as Batgirl/ Arkham Knight’s K/O evasion, except that her teammates will rescue her from the Batman Ninja Mythos. Note, however, that her teammate’s rescue does not counter the opposition’s special moves. It only keeps Catwoman away at low health, so she does not get knocked out. If the entire team is made up of Batman Ninja Characters, she can use this ability twice, one chance per teammate. 

Evolved Batman Ninja Catwoman

Catwoman can use her Dark Power Special to steal gear and add the gear’s abilities to her own. Thus, in turn, disables the ability of the opponent she stole it from. If she is currently using a Dark Power SP2, she doubles the stolen gear’s power. The number of gear Catwoman can possess is unknown, although it currently stands at 12 gears in royal, her own gear inclusive. Invulnerability does not stop this ability. 

If she is knocked out, the gear stolen is returned to the opponent. However, it remains with the player even if she is tagged out. The effects still function. She can also use a Dark Power SP1 to hit an opponent with the unstoppable Bleed DoT. This causes a health drop in the affected character, even if that character has been tagged out of the match.

Players can also upgrade her passive, giving her Rage triple power. This triples her attack damage and also prolongs the rage for about twenty-one more seconds. It increases her chance to steal and disable gear from opponents as well. If a Dark Power SP2 is used, then stealing gear is guaranteed.

When Batman Ninja Catwoman is tagged in, she lets out a scream. This scream is unblockable, and it disorients the opponent, leaving them open and unable to block subsequent attacks.

Batman Ninja Catwoman can be one of the most valuable characters to own in Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. It’s proven by the fact that she is extremely rare as well. She is a great teammate to have alongside several other characters, such as Batman Ninja Batman, The Joker/The Killing Joke, Wonder Woman/600, Batman/Gaslight, Catwoman/Batman Returns, Batman/Flashpoint, and Hawkgirl/Prime.

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