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Red Death Batman

Remember how the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers used to merge their Zords to become the almighty Megazord? It was a combination of all their individual strengths into one mighty body that sure could throw a mean punch. Superpower team-ups can have some amazing results. But what’s the result of two of the most popular and key members of the Big Seven becoming one? Red Death Batman is the ultimate DC team-up.

As you may have guessed, Red Death Superman is a fusion of Batman and The Flash. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. How did Red Death Batman even come to be?

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Origin of The Red Death Batman

Red Death Batman started just like every other incarnation of the Caped Crusader. He was just about as Bruce Wayne as any other good one available. But the storyline for Earth-52 is a sharp contrast from what the comic book pages are accustomed to.

In his fight against crime, The Batman of Earth-52 had was not only failing to keep his city from the grimy hands of the underworld but had also lost many members of the Bat-Family trying to do so.

Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, and even Damian Wayne had all met their demises fighting alongside Batman as Robin. This would drive any Bat crazy, and Bruce became obsessed with finding a way to stop crime faster. In his belief, if he had been fast enough, none of his sons would have died, and he would have rid Gotham of crime a long time ago.

What’s the one source of immeasurable speed in the DC Universe? The Speed force. And how can you get access to the speed force? Barry Allen, aka The Flash. Well, Batman was convinced he could put the powers of his earth’s Flash to better use than the scarlet speedster, and so he devised a diabolical plan to steal his powers.

Confrontation with the Flash

Obviously, the odds were stacked high against Batman if he ever took the Flash head-on. So he turned his eyes to the Flash’s rogue’s gallery, taking them down one by one and collecting useful weapons in preparation for the fight with Barry.

Using the weapons to gain the upper hand, batman drove both of them in the batmobile into the speed force using the cosmic treadmill. He then absorbed all of Barry, including his powers.

Batman + The Flash = Read Death Batman

He took on a new red costume, similar to the Flash’s signature red, but instead of the thunderbolt at the middle, he had a bat insignia version. The next on his agenda was to take down his own rogues, but this time he put a permanent stop to them by murdering them. Not even Barry Allen’s consciousness could stop him from his mission.

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Affiliation with the Dark Knights

Earth-52 is a functioning world in the Dark Multiverse, and because that multiverse is known for its instability. Everything in Batman’s world began to crumble. He sought to find a way to save his world, which led to his encounter with The Batman Who Laughs, who informed him that Earth-52 could be saved if he could join the dark knights to take over the Main Multiverse.

Red Death Batman accepted, and when a portal to the Dark Multiverse was opened, they invaded it as planned. Every bad guy needs his posse, after all.

Red Death Batman Abilities and Powers

Even on his own, Batman was already a formidable foe. From his bonding with the flash, he gained several other powers. Some of them include:

  • Speed Force Conduit
  • Superhuman speed
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Stamina
  • Agility
  • Speed Force Aura
  • Durability
  • Electro kinesis
  • Able to create energy constructs; which can cause increased ageing in anyone that comes in contact with it.
  • Increased Intellect
  • Improved Gadgets
  • Expertise at Physical combat
  • Acrobatics
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Red Death Batman Weaknesses

With great power comes great…. weakness and Red Death Batman has quite a few. Most are caused by his infusion with Barry Allen and the speed force, and it has been said they are constructs of his inner fears and regrets.
Red Death Batman has a hideous appearance, caused by scars when he and the flash plunged into the speed force. The damage is permanent, and so he hides it under his red death mask.

The power he gained from merging with the flash also came with a price; he is unstable from time to time, and Barry’s consciousness still exists within him, trying to take over occasionally. When Red Death Batman uses the speed force, he begins to disintegrate because of the instability, becoming a swarm of bats. He maintains a corporeal form by staying in one position.

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