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15 Best Batman Allies & Teammates

Batman Allies

Despite Batman’s insistence that he “works alone,” the Batfamily is extensive at this stage in the game. Although movies often paint the caped crusader as a loner who occasionally (albeit reluctantly) teams up with a fellow hero or two now and again, nearly every modern Batman arc revolves around some “family drama.” The best Batman Allies may actually surprise you because some of these people are thought of as villains in many cases.

From fellow orphans to former villains, Bruce Wayne collected an impressive set of allies in the last 80+ years that we’re going to rank today! Each of these people has played a massive role in helping Batman function at a high level.

15. Batman Allies – Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael)

The genetically enhanced assassin has had a complicated relationship with the Batfamily over the years. Azrael was always a devoted, albeit paranoid, fighter who was once even trusted to take on Batman’s identity at the request of a recently injured Bruce Wayne.

While his intentions are in the right place, he’s always getting into some problems as his methods often conflict with Bruce’s. He’s fallen in and out of grace over the years more times than I can count – but if nothing else, he makes for an interesting storyline.

14. Batman Allies – Harper Row (Bluebird)

Harper Row is a young and spunky LGBTQ+ Gotham crime-fighter with a disappointing lack of appearances. Although some fans draw comparisons between her and Nightwing, they hardly share anything in common aside from a costume color scheme. She’s a genius who uses gadgets to help fight crime – both with and without the other vocal vigilantes’ approval.

Those who made it through Batman & Robin Eternal are more than aware that she was pretty much destined to end up where she was today. What really sets Row apart from many other crime-fighters is she decides to retire and go to college like a normal kid. She’s one of the few characters within the superhero universe who successfully put the mask down.

13. Batman Allies – Kate Kane  (Batwoman)

The first on our list to actually land larger roles in the on-screen, Kate Kane is actually the cousin of Bruce Wayne. Like the Waynes, the Kane family was no stranger to wealth or tragedy. Kane is an interesting character who is no stranger to some pretty relatable issues. After struggling after her return home from service, she turned to substance abuse and girls.

She has strong ties with the military and was inspired by Batman himself after he rescued her at a bar. Using illegally purchased military equipment, she started fighting crime as a no-name vigilante until eventually becoming Batwoman. While she is a tremendous ally and supporter of her cousin, she is not afraid to let him know that taking on her mantle does not mean that he can boss her around.

12. Batman Allies – Duke Thomas (Signal)

Although most Batfamily members rely on intelligence and martial arts alone, Duke Thomas is actually a meta-human with an interesting range of powers. His powers mainly revolve around light manipulation and perception – and these powers continue to evolve.

After losing his parents to the Joker, he took the law into his own hands and was a crucial player in the We Are Robin storyline, eventually ending up under Batman’s guidance. He’s a fun character who adds some realism to the collection of Batman’s other wards. Duke is now a member of the latest iteration of The Outsiders.

11. Batman Allies – Cassandra Cain (Orphan – Batgirl – Blackbat)

Another member of The Outsiders, Cassandra Cain, has gone by many aliases throughout the years. In the comics, she was bred to be a master assassin; her tragic upbringing involves a lot of abuse and fighting. Known as one of the top martial artists, it’s often said that “fighting was her first language.” She was never taught to speak, and now that she’s escaped her horrible upbringing, she continues to stay pretty quiet.

Most recently, she was introduced to the DC Extended Universe under a much different persona. In Birds of Prey, her adapted character is a thieving delinquent that Harley Quinn takes under her wing. While she is almost recognizable from her comic inspiration, it’s still nice to think that we might get to see Cain playing a bigger role in future DC productions.

10. Batman Allies – Barry Allen (The Flash)

While the Flash and Batman are both cherished members of the Justice League, their relationship remains underrated. In most iterations, the two could not be more unlike each other in terms of personality. The classic animated series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited really illustrated how they could complement each other.

The one event that brought Barry to the list was when a complicated series of situations led to Barry meeting Thomas Wayne living in another storyline. He brought Bruce Wayne to tears upon delivering a letter to his from his father.

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9. Batman Allies – Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is better known as a villain – but she’s a strong anti-hero who is now officially considered one of Batman’s newest allies. Following the events of the Joker War, Harley played a crucial role in saving Batman and forcing him to really change his approach to fighting her ex, the Joker. She’s really had an amazing redemption.

Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn
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8.  Batman Allies – Jason Todd (Robin – Red Hood – Wingman)

Jason Todd is a complicated character hat acted as the second Robin after Dick Grayson left. After having his fate left in the hands of readers via call-in voting back in the ‘80s. In an incredibly close vote, readers decided to have him killed off by the Joker, leaving Batman devastated. Luckily for Red Hood fans, death is pretty temporary in the DC universe. Under the Red Hood brought Todd back to life under a new persona, the Red Hood.

By taking on an alias previously used by the villain who murdered him, Todd returned to Gotham incredibly angry and set on revenge. He’s played both ally and villain the Batfamily under his new name – and the black sheep of Wayne’s adopted sons has some pretty complicated relationships with all of Gotham. He is certainly not afraid to criticize the Dark Knight for drafting minors into his dangerous escapades.

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7. Batman Allies – Tim Drake (Robin – Red Robin – Drake)

Batman Allies

Due to the popularization of Batman’s New Adventures, many mistake Tim Drake as the Robin to replace Jason Todd. Canonically the third Robin, Tim Drake, came in and stepped up after Jason’s death left a grieving Batman. While the classic animated series painted him as a poor delinquent that Batman saved from the streets, this was just producers trying to combine Todd and Drake into a single robin.

Tim Drake’s comic origins paint him as an intelligent, rich kid who figured out Nightwing and Batman’s secret identities all on his own who reached out to Bruce Wayne himself. He’s definitely the smartest of the Robins and often a fan favorite – despite his lack of appearances on screen.

6. Batman Allies Selina Kyle (Catwoman)

Batman Allies

While Tim Drake didn’t steal from Batman – Catwoman did. Often bragging about her abilities to break into anything undetected, Kyle has been a main romantic interest for Batman for years. In fact, she was actually his fiancé for some time and set up to be married.

While this eventually fell through, many fans complained this was just writers not letting him be happy (even getting a passive-aggressive jab in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part). Kyle will always be an important member of the Batfamily who has earned her redemption from a villain.  

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5. Batman Allies Damian Wayne (Robin – RedBird)

Batman Allies

Another character striving for redemption was none other than Bruce Wayne’s own son. Bruce did not know of Damian’s existence until his mother, Thalia al Ghul, dropped their son on his doorstep one day. Although her intentions weren’t great, Damian’s internal drive for his father’s approval and being the right person led him to (reluctantly) adopt his father’s way of life.

Although starting his “dynamic duo” with Dick Grayson following Bruce Wayne’s “death,” he eventually got to work with his father and matured as a character. He was a main character of the DC Animated Movie Universe and, while many fans hate him, no one can argue he wasn’t entertaining.

While the recent Teen Titans comics were criticized for their blatant character assassination, his upcoming standalone series gives many fans hope for 2021.

4. Batman AlliesBarbara Gordon (Batgirl – Oracle)

Batman Allies

Batgirl is one of the most recognized characters of the DC universe. She’s been around for over 50 years and was the sole female hero in Gotham for a while. Daughter of Commissioner Gordon, Babs has a passion for justice and decided to channel it into being batgirl.

Despite reluctance on Batman and Robin’s side, she continued to make a place for herself in Gotham until she officially joined the Batfamily. Whether she’s acting as Batgirl or the Oracle, she is an asset to the team who always pulls her own weight and protects the ones she loves.

What also makes her a good character is that she’s not afraid to put Bruce in his place, letting him know when he’s falling short of being a good leader or parent.  

3. Batman AlliesClark Kent (Superman)

Batman Allies

Batman and Superman are often conveyed as opposing forces. With Superman’s “boy scout” approach to Metropolis, he and Batman repeatedly butted heads. There are so many different renditions of Batman vs. Superman that it’s become pretty routine. Despite their differences, though, they are actually the best of friends.

Their frequent team-ups and wholesome get-togethers are exactly what you’d expect from two of DC’s greatest heroes. While they’ll probably never see each other eye-to-eye, they at least have a strong feeling of respect towards each other that they never fail to express.

2. Batman AlliesDick Grayson (Robin – Nightwing – Batman – Agent 37)

Batman Allies

A person favorite, Dick Grayson, is the perfect partner for Batman. A stark contrast to the dark and brooding nature of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson is always cracking jokes and having fun. He likes to fight for justice and doesn’t let his childhood trauma define him. Bruce even commented before that Dick was a “clearer version” of what Batman was supposed to be.

As Batman’s longest-running partner, Dick Grayson has played a lot of roles throughout the DC universe. He was introduced as the first Robin back in 1940 to add a little lighthearted comic relief – making him the first member of the Batfamily. While he and Bruce often have their disagreements, he’s a loyal ally that would drop everything to help his adoptive father in need.

1. Batman Allies – Alfred Pennyworth

Batman Allies

While Dick Grayson was technically the first addition, a quirky butler introduced in 1943 was so well-received, he’s become a staple in Batman’s world in the decades following. Alfred Pennyworth is practically Bruce Wayne’s father. He stepped up after his parents’ death and often stepped in with the wards Bruce took in but didn’t really know how to father. The British butler is painfully loyal and hilariously sarcastic.

He’s never afraid to say what’s on his mind and often the only one with any sense. Although critical of the whole Batman thing, he’ll do whatever it takes to help Bruce and all his endeavors. Between 3 am surgical procedures and maintaining the extensive Gothic estate (including the Batcave!), Alfred is the backbone of Gotham’s vigilantes in one way or another.

Batman Allies: Alfred Pennyworth
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Final Thoughts on Batman’s Allies

Did we miss any of your favorite Gotham allies? Think anyone here didn’t deserve their spot on the list? Let us know what you think in the comments below!