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The Real Batman Tank – Ripsaw EV3-F4

The EV3-F4 is the third iteration of what is perhaps the most badass vehicle ever made: The Ripsaw.  Built by extreme vehicle fabricator Howe and Howe Technologies, the Ripsaw is a highly maneuverable “luxury” tank that can seat up to 4 adults.  It’s a perfect example of what the Batmobile will likely eventually morph into.  Every version since the Burton films has become increasingly bigger, more armored and military-esque.  We see this in the Dark Knight trilogy tumbler, which was an armored prototype for the government, to the Batmobile shown in Batman vs Superman, where Batman literally drove through buildings.  A full-on treaded tank like the Ripsaw is the clear next evolution.

Ripsaw EV3-f4 gullwing doors
Gullwing doors!? Is that thing ready for ejector-seats or what?

Built with an available 1500hp engine and 112″ of track on the ground, the EV3-F4 is capable of carrying a party of 4 through just about any terrain.  Need to get across that stream?  You’re there.  Want to see what’s at the top of that near-vertical summit.  Go right on up.  Need to catch the baddie that’s hiding in the old steel mill?  Head on in – walls are only mental constructs for Ripsaw owners.

While things might be utter chaos outside your personal tank, you and your passengers will be sitting pretty in the EV3-F4’s fully isolated air suspended cockpit.  There’s heating and air-conditioning, GPS and even paddle-shifters to help you slam through the gears F1 style.

Batman ripsaw EV3-f4
That steering wheel is practically begging for a Bat symbol

Considering the cost of small batch, American made supercars that can’t tow anywhere near 15,000lbs, the Ripsaw EV3-F4 is a relative bargain at $400,000.