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The Gotham Project Batman Styled Superyacht

The Gotham Project batman super-yacht

Imagine yourself at your yearly getaway along the beaches of Monte Carlo.  You’ve just parked your boutique supercar by the harbor when you see something in the distance.  What appears to be a giant Batman mask is gliding over the horizon towards you, it’s pointy black ears glinting in the sun.  Is it Bruce Wayne himself coming in for a little R&R?  Almost.  In their own words, the Gotham Project is “A true icon; a wolf in wolf’s clothing”.

the gotham project batman boat

Built in collaboration between designer Ivan Erdevicki, builder Icon Yachts, and project broker Bristow-Holmes, the Gotham Project yacht is striking to say the least.  Inspired to resemble Batman’s cowl, the 150′ boat is all sleek curves and aggressive lines, the twin 2000hp engines hauling its 550,000lb weight up to a transatlantic range.

The ship sleeps at least 10 and is as luxurious on the inside as it is intimidating on the outside.  You and your guests (and personal crew of course) can enjoy the the custom wine cellar, two wet-bars, gymnasium, hot tub, symmetrical entertainment areas along with onboard storage for your jet-skis.

The specs for the ship below give a better idea of how large it really is.

Gotham Project Yacht Price

The ship has a planned launch of spring 2019 and an estimated price of $36,000,000.  A drop in the bucket when compared to other superyachts; Paul Allen’s cost $200,000,000 and doesn’t even look like Batman.