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Dark Knight’s Gear: Immersive Weapons

Immersive weapons

Immersive Weapons is a mod created for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open-world, single-player, role-playing action game.

The game was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Hothtrooper44 and his team of developers developed immersive weaponss to add more weapons to the game. 

The mod is a way to seamlessly enhance your gaming experience on the Skyrim without interrupting the natural feel of the game. Custom weapons were added; distributed and balanced across the game to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. From level 1 to level fifty and beyond, you will come across new, power appropriate weapons, just where you need them most, as you progress in the game. 

Currently, the mod adds over 230 weapons to the game. But there is a promise of the mod constantly developing and evolving to make your gaming world a pleasure. These added weapons are craftable, enchantable, and upgradeable where needed. 

The immersive weapons mod features weapons from axe staff weapon pack, weapons of the Third Era, Useless Resources Weapons and a lot of other distinctive weapon mods. 

Every weapon that comes with the Immersive weapons mod is classified into the normal weapon categories. The names of each category are from real, historical weapons. 

Every weapon has five identifying statistics; Damage, reach, speed, weight, and Stagger. Every weapon in a category has the same statistic as the base weapon, except otherwise stated. 

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Weapon Categories

Battle axes

  • Double axe: Damage(+), Stagger(++), weight(++)
  • Halberd: Reach(+), Stagger(+)
  • Scythe: Damage(-), Speed(+), Weight(-)
  • Spear: Damage(–), Reach(++), Speed(++), Stagger(–), Weight(–)


  • Tanto: Damage(+), Speed(-), Weight(-)


  • Changdao: Damage(-), Reach(-), Speed(+), Weight(-)
  • Claymore: Damage(-), Reach(-), Speed(+), Weight(-)
  • Dadao: Damage(+), Reach(-), Stagger(+), Weight(+)
  • Daito: Damage(–), Reach(-), Speed(+), Stagger(-), Weight(-)
  • Longsword: Damage(–), Reach(–), Speed(++), Stagger(-), Weight(–)
  • Nodachi: Damage(-), Reach(-), Speed(+), Stagger(-), Weight(-)


  • Club: Damage(-), Speed(+), Stagger(–), Weight(-)
  • War Pick: Speed(+), Stagger(-), Weight(-)


  • Cutlass: Reach(-)
  • Katana: Reach(+), Stagger(-)
  • Ninjato: Damage(-), Speed(+), Stagger(++), Weight(-)
  • Saber: Speed(+), Stagger(-), Weight(-)
  • Scimitar: Reach(-), Speed(+), Stagger(-)
  • Wakizashi: Damage(-), Reach(–), Speed(++)


  • Battle Staff: Damage(-), Speed(+), Stagger(-), Weight(-)
  • Quarterstaff: Damage(–), Speed(++), Stagger(–), Weight(–)

Weapons Added

  • Daedric Weaponry: Antique Daedric Sword, Azura’s Moon, Daedric Battle Staff, Daedric Crescent, Daedric Double Axe, Daedric Halberd, Daedric Katana, Daedric Longsword, Daedric Nodachi, Daedric Quarterstaff, Daedric Tanto, Daedric Wakizashi, Great Daedric Crescent, Wabba Jackhammer, Wabba Jabe. 
  • Dragon Weaponry: Dragonguard Katana, Dragonsteel Anlace, Dragonsteel Battleaxe, Dragonsteel Bow, Dragonsteel Dagger, Dragonsteel Greatsword, Dragon steel Marc, Dragonsteel Nodachi, Dragonsteel Saber, Dragonsteel Sword, Dragonsteel Tanto, Dragonsteel Warhammer, Dragonsteel War axe. 
  • Dwarven Weaponry: Dwarven Quarterstaff, Dwemer Control Rod, Eastern Dwemer Longsword, Trident Blade
  • Ebony Weaponry: Barbarian Great Axe, Black Sting, Black Sting Dagger, Black Sting Greatsword, Chakram, Crow Greatsword, Crow Sword, Ebony Battle Staff, Ebony Cutlass, Ebony Dadao, Ebony Double Axe, Ebony Hammer, Ebony Longsword, Ebony Quarterstaff, Ebony Scimitar, Exotic Bow, Falkreath Warhammer, Phoenix Ninjato, Sixth House Bell Hammer. 
  • Elven Weaponry: Aldmeri Axestaff, Alik’r Crown Scimitar, Alinor Saber, Blue Dragon Ninjato, Elven Double Axe, Elven Great Blade, Elven Great Blood Blade, Elven Great Wings Blade, Elven Hawk Bow, Elven Quarterstaff, Elven Steel Sword, Greyblade, Seeker Changdao, Seeker Knife, Seeker Saber, Valenwood war Bow. 
  • Falmer Weaponry: Palmer Double Axe, Honed Falmer Double Axe. 
  • Glass Weaponry: Antique Glass Sword, Ayleid Greatsword, Black Dragon Ninjato, Camoran Saber, Ceymallari, Emerald Gemstone Bow, Ethereal Axestaff, Glass Battle Staff, Glass Double Axe, Glass Quarterstaff, Glass Scimitar, Justiciar Changdao, Justiciar Knife, Justiciar Saber, Orgnum’s Dagger, Ornate Alik’r Scimitar, Ruby Gemstone Bow, Sapphire Gemstone Bow, Sorrow Daito, Sorrow Katana, Sorrow Tanto. 
  • Imperial Weaponry: An-Xileel War Bow, Colovian Composite Bow, Colovian Dark Composite Bow, Imperial Ebony Sword, Ornate khajiit Bow, Springsteel Bow. 
  • Iron Weaponry: Antique Iron Sword, Executioner Double Axe, Iron Club, Iron Cutlass, Iron Double Axe, Iron Hunter’s Spear, Iron Katana, Iron Nodachi, Iron Scimitar, Iron Tanto, Iron Wakizashi.
  • Nordic Weaponry: Aries Ceremonial Greatsword, Arming Sword, Armsman’s Sword, Black Mammoth Recurve Bow, Captain’s Cutlass, Captain’s Sword, Cavalry Broadsword, Duke’s Longsword, Falkreath Blade, Fleur De Lys, Great Riders Blade, Guardian’s Longsword, Guardian’s sword, Honed Nordic War Pick, Housecarl’s Greatsword, Knight’s Broadsword, Knight’s Claymore, Mighty Steel Greatsword,  Noble Claymore, Noble Sword, Nord Hero Axestaff, Nord Hero Double Axe, Nordic Dwemer Blade, Nordic Scrimshaw Bow, Nordic War Pick, Regent’s Longsword, Riders Blade, Sithis’s Blade, Sithis’s Razor, Skull Double Axe, Soldier’s Broadsword, Tombstone Ceremonial Greatsword, Viking Double Axe, White Mammoth Recurve Bow, Wraith Scythe. 
  • Orcish Weaponry: Asuma Trench Knife, Executioner’s Hook, Orcish Crippler Spear, Orcish Longsword, Orcish Quarterstaff, Orcish Saber, Orsimer Chieftan Bow, Stros M’Kai Scimitar, Warchief’s Might. 
  • Steel Weaponry: Antique Steel Sword, Hollow Blade, Steel Battle Staff, Steel Club, Steel Cutlass, Steel Cutlass, Steel Katana, Steel Longsword, Steel Nodachi, Steel Nordic Spear, Steel Quarterstaff, Steel Scimitar, Steel Tanto, Steel Wakizashi, Steel War Pick, Thresher Maul, Wicked Dagger, Wicked Scimitar.
  • Wooden Weaponry: An-Xileel Arrow, Dariit Arrow, Dragonsteel Arrow, Exotic Arrow, Justiciar Arrow, Quarterstaff, Seeker Arrow, Tapered Wooden Battle Staff, Wooden Battle Staff, Wooden Club. 
  • Silver Weaponry: Antique Honed Silver Sword, Antique Silver Sword, Honed Silver Battle Staff, Honed Silver Longsword, Honed Silver Scimitar, Honed Silver War Axe, Honed Steel Nordic Spear, Silver Battle Staff, Silver Battleaxe, Silver Hawk Bow, Silver Katana, Silver Longsword, Silver Nodachi, Silver Scimitar, Silver Tanto, Silver Wakizashi, Silver War Axe.
  • Craftable Only Weapons: Assassin Sword, BiPolar Blade, Blade of Woe, Chillrend, Dawnbreaker, Ebony Blade, Mace of Molag Bal, Mehrunes’ Razor, Nightingale Blade, Nightingale Bow, Rueful Axe, Spearblade, Splitter, Volendrung. 
  • Non-Craftable Weapons: Dragonbone Staff, Bruniik Ag, Krah Rahgol, Unahzaal Feyn. 
  • Unique Weapons: Afterslash, Chrysamere, Goldbrand, Fork of Horripilation, Ice Blade of the Monarch, Justice, Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer, Malacath’s Cleaver, PenUmbra, Shadowsting.