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Heavy Weapons Guy & Everything You Need to Know

Heavy Weapons Guy

“Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe. Maybe. I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet.” This was said by Heavy Weapons Guy in Meet The Heavy. Doesn’t that make you wonder, though? Can Heavy Weapons Guy outsmart even Batman? I am particularly curious what the Heavy’s bullet would do to Batman’s suit. Since it’s supposed to be bulletproof?

Heavy Weapons Guy is more popularly known as just the Heavy. He is depicted as a brute and huge guy, hulk-like. He hails from the USSR. The biggest and perhaps the most hazardous class in Team Fortress 2.

The Heavy likes to carry enormous weapons such as miniguns. His hulk-like build would make tiny weapons an affront to him.

The Heavy is a walking version of a highly destructive machine. He is like a human armor tank, able to inflict as much damage as he can absorb.

The Heavy is the face of Team Fortress 2. He is the first character that usually springs to mind when players hear about the game. The man is known becausehHe takes the prominent position on box-art, loading screens, and promotional materials. He was a main character in the first-ever video, Meet The Team. And he has appeared in every other video since then.

Heavy Weapons Guy’s Personality

The Heavy can be compared to a hibernating bear because he looks like a gentle giant. Be careful not to mess with the big guy, though. Taking his deliberate, hibernating demeanor to mean gentleness could get you torn apart, limb from limb.

Heavy Weapons Guy battles his opponents without a care about who gets in his way. His attacks are slow but devastating to whoever they land on. Of all the Team Fortress characters, Heavy Weapons Guy is the most heroic, the most brutal, and the most humorous. He is in love with his minigun, which he calls Sasha. He isn’t mentally ill or anything. Sasha is his pride and joy. So he is simply showing love to her.

Heavy Weapons Guy may have a brutal nature, but if you look past that, you’ll see a man who cares deeply about his family. He has that in common with Batman, love for family.


Primary Weapons

  • Minigun: “Sasha,” as the Heavy named his minigun, is the most notable weapon of his arsenal. Sasha is treated as a living individual. Secondary fire spins up the barrel without firing. It fires four bullets per unit of ammo used.
  • Natascha: The Natascha has some semblance to the default minigun. It features a jet-black ammunition carrier and an additional chain belt. It significantly slows down enemy players on hit. When spun up, it gives 20% damage resistance when health is less than 50%.
  • Brass Beast: Secondary fire spins up the barrel without firing. It fires four bullets per unit of ammo used. It gives 20% damage resistance when spun up and when health is less than 50% of maximum.
  • Tomislav: A large Thompson submachine gun. Has a 20% faster spin-up time. It is 20% more accurate. It has no spin-up sound. You could call it the silent killer.
  • Hou- Long Heater: Secondary fire starts the barrel without firing. It fires four bullets per unit of ammo used. Creates a ring of flame during spin-up—25% more damage to burning players.

Secondary Weapons

  • Shotgun: Fires 10 pellets every 0.625 seconds. It is good for the Heavy when there is no time for the minigun. Or when there is a need for mobility.
  • Sandvich: With primary fire or taunt keys, replenishes the Heavy’s maximum health without overheal. With secondary fire, it can be thrown to other players to restore 50% health.
  • Robo-Sandvich: It’s the robotic version of the sandvich. It takes 4.2 seconds to taunt. Restores 300 health, 75 health per second.
  • Dalokohs Bar: With primary fire or taunt key, restores 100 health in 4 seconds. With secondary fire, it can be thrown to another player to restore 20.5% of health.
  • Fish Cake: Behaves in the same way as the Dalokohs bar. Unlike the others above, the Fish Cake has no recharge time. So the Heavy can use it as much as he wants to restore his health.
  • Buffalo Steak Sandvich: While under the effect of the Buffalo Streak Sandvich, all damage dealt is critical. Increases speed by 30%. And the effect lasts for 16 seconds.
  • Family Business: 30% increase in clip size. 15% increase in attack speed.
  • Panic Attack: Bullet deploy time increases by 50%. 50% increase in bullet per shot. Shots pattern fired is fixed.
  • Second Banana: With primary fire or taunt key, restores 200 health in about 4 seconds. With secondary fire, can be thrown to another player to restore 20.5% health.


Some of Our Favorite Heavy Weapons Guy Quotes

  • “Entire team is BABIES!
  • “I LIVE!”(After getting revived by a medic)
  • “Agh! Too many little men on this team!”
  • You are dead! Not big surprise!”
  • “What sick man sends babies to fight me?”