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Roller Coaster Overview of Batman & Robin: The Chiller

batman and robin: the chiller

Batman & Robin: The Chiller is the name of a roller-coaster. It is located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. It was designed as a dual-track, launch roller coaster. The design of the chiller was done by Premier Rides.

The theme of the chiller was based on Batman and Robin’s film for promotional purposes. It was inaugurated on June 7, 1997, but was mired in technical issues soon after its inaugural ride. And was closed for most of the remaining season.

It was then formally opened in the next season. Both the tracks used the linear induction motor (LIM) for their functioning. The motors were very loud and the sound could be heard in all of the establishment. People near the chiller were advised to use headphones to avoid any damage to their ears.

There were two portions of the ride. The Batman portion was painted blue and the Robin portion was red in color.

Batman & Robin (1997)
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Technical Issues

The ride on Batman & Robin: The Chiller was not that comfortable. As it was a prototype, it faced numerous issues. The original restraints were installed in an “over the head” configuration. These restraints made the ride particularly rough and uncomfortable.

The riders would hit their head on the restraints causing headaches and severe discomfort. The issue was tried to solve by adding extra padding but still could not solve the issue.

The restraints were then completely replaced with individual ratcheting lap bars. They were installed on Robin trains first and then later on Batman trains.

Several modifications were made to Batman & Robin: The Chiller over the course of its lifetime. The LIM’s also underwent overhauling several times but still faced technical issues. The Batman side remained closed for more time as compared to the Robin side.

The LIM’s on both the tracks were operated initially but due to the required power by the LIM’s the park decided to operate only one track at a time. The LIM’s faced several failures on both portions of the track. These issues would cause the trains to stall on the zero-g roll.

The zero-g rolls on both tracks were replaced by small hills to avoid any stalling of the trains and use less power by the induction motors.

Even after several repairs and modifications, the ride was still too costly to operate. Finally, in 2007, the Six Flags management decided to decommission and dismantle the ride.

Batman & Robin: The Chiller Ride Experience

The overall ride experience started when customers entered the queue.


Songs from Batman and Robin were played in the queue as a promotional event. The Observatory prop looming over the launch tracks and exit ramp was inspired by the movie.

Each track represented the titular character from the movie.


The Chiller used linear induction motors (LIM’s) launch system that launched both the trains from 0 to 65 miles per hour (105 km/h) in just only 4 seconds. 

The Batman track had a 141-foot (43 m) Inverted top hat with a 139-foot (42 m) drop, followed by a 128-foot (39 m) long zero-g roll. 

Robin track had a similar configuration, but instead of an inverted top hat, it featured a 113-foot (34 m) cobra roll with a 105-foot (32 m) drop. However, it still used the zero-g roll. 

Both sides ended at a 200-foot (61 m) incline with a 45-degree angle, which also featured a second set of LIMs that propelled each train close to the top. The trains had a momentary break before rolling backward down the incline, accelerated by the induction motors, and then redoing the track backward.

Seating Capacity

The trains for both tracks had 5 cars per train. Each car had a seating capacity of 4 people facing each other. The overall seating capacity of each train was 20 people.


During the dismantling process, the ride was The ride was dismantled and the parts were relocated to a storage facility. It was then purchased by a Brazilian Theme Park but was not assembled due to unknown reasons.

The tracks were removed completely but the station scenery and outdoor queue were left intact.


Batman & Robin: The Chiller was replaced by a modern Interactive dark ride. It was called Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. The ride is based on the famous DC team-up of Superheroes called the Justice League.

The riders travel through the city of Metropolis and shoot real-time objects on large 3-D screens.

The plot of the ride starts when Lex Luthor kidnaps various superheroes of the League and riders are transported to points of distress and are in communication with Batman and Superman. The users are equipped with EMP guns that are used to destroy villains and stun humans.

All the members of the League are neutralized as the story progresses and riders become the true heroes by saving the day.

In the end, the riders are made honorary members of the league for protecting the city and rescuing the Justice League members.

Final Thoughts On Batman & Robin: The Chiller

Batman & Robin: The chiller was an excellent ride featuring amazing drops and zero-g rolls. It employed Linear Induction motors for lifting the trains to the top. But had higher operating costs due to the same induction motors.

In addition to the increased operating costs, the motors were also prone to failures. The most common failure was overheating due to which the trains would stall.

Due to these ongoing issues, several incidents were caused while riding the chiller. This prompted the Park’s management to finally close down the ride.

The queue was used as “Escape From The Asylum” Terror Trail during Fright Fest. The Fright Fest exclusive attraction saw the former ride area turn into a Terror Trail maze for guests to walk.

Costumed Employees were hiding along the trail and used to scare the guests during their walks through the trail. The remodeled observatory opened as the “Xploratorium”, a new attraction with many virtual and interactive features for park guests to enjoy and is still functional up to this day.

The article briefly covers the fate of Batman & Robin: The Chiller over the course of its life. It also explores the unique features and the issues with The Chiller.

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