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Ninja Weapons: Learning The Stealth Ways from Batman

Ninja Weapons

If you are familiar with the ways of batman, you’d have probably asked yourself this question once or twice. Is Batman a ninja? There is almost nothing a normal ninja does that Batman can’t do even better. Covert movements, infiltration, adept on advanced martial arts, Batman, almost an equivalent to an American ninja. If you want to increase your Batman Factor, you need to increase your Ninja Weapons. 

Well, the Dark Knight trained under the league of Assassins during his quest for knowledge and invincibility. Ra’s al Ghul is a group headed by Ra’s al Ghul, whose roots are deeply tied to the traditional ninjas. Their mode of operations is very much alike. Stealth, cunning, martial arts, and traditional weapons are basically the modus operandi of the League of Assassins.

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Ninjitsu – Ninja Weapons

Ninjutsu is a Japanese word that could mean the “Art of Forbearance” or “Ninja Techniques.” It is rumored to have gained prominence through a group of families from the Iga and Koga district of Japan. Someone who practices ninjutsu is called a ninja or a shinobi. Ninpo is also sometimes used in the place of Ninjutsu.

Abilities that had to do with covert operations and assassinations were widespread when the Feudal system called the shot. However, these activities were seen as a dishonorable act, so it wasn’t something to be proud of and openly declared as your profession. History books have only seen ninja’s as assassins or brawns for hire.

Yes, ninjutsu might have been unknowingly influenced by the Chinese saying and fighting techniques. However, Japan is still touted to be the progenitor of ninja warriors.

Batman Ninja

In case you do not know, there is actually an anime adoption of batman that saw batman basically live out his true self. This animation is titled Batman Ninja.

This movie’s plot sees Batman fight with Gorilla Grodd in Gotham, who was seen in the first scene with a host of villains. Apparently, Gorilla Grodd had created a new special machine, and he wanted the criminal Syndicates at the time to witness it. Even down to Alfred Pennyworth, the whole Bat-family is here, as the guest would probably be too much to handle for just the Caped Crusader.

Batman faces off with Gorilla Grodd. The machine Grodd created, which turned out to be a time machine, was accidentally activated, transporting both heroes and villains on the scene to 16th century Japan.

Batman saw his head almost getting chopped off by men wearing the Joker’s mask. He wards them off only to find out later that he arrived 2 years later than the others. So, obviously, all the villains had laid up strong bases in the land while he was trapped in the time loop.

His ever-reliant gadgets soon proved to be useless in this era. In his first encounter with the Joker saw the villain strong enough to match Batman in a fight. Apparently, he had grown enough and was skilled in using metal fans as weapons, as he was capable of cutting down trees by just throwing them. Batman had to retreat as the Joker, and his cronies proved too much to handle. The first person he met was a cat woman, and then the rest of the family began to unite.

This animation reminded us of who Batman was without the tech gadgets; I mean, we all know that he was the best hand-to-hand specialist in the world. Hence, his skills were not in doubt, but technology has still covered up that aspect of him, so much so that his being that good of a fighter is just a mere statement of fact in our subconscious. So thank you, Batman Ninja!

Batman started wielding a katana which he used to show that his training with the League of Assassins was not a waste. The plot saw Batman and his bat family fight more and more criminals until the final dance with the Joker.

Apparently, the Joker had also gotten training in the way of the sword in this adaptation. It is certainly weird to see such a strong Joker as other Joker portrayed as just witty and cunning with bad mobile ability. But this one has it all. This was a perfect batman antagonist.

As expected, no amount of strength the Joker had gained would suffice for him to beat the Batman in a sword fight. He proved to be a formidable opponent, but Batman had been trained in the way of Ninjutsu for years. There’s no winning that.

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Batman Ninja Weapons

The Katana: This is one weapon that the Batman would definitely know a thing or two about. The League of Assassins were known to use the katanin in their sparring/fighting endeavors. The Katana is a Japanese sword. It is single-edged and a long grip. Its guard is also mostly circular or square in shape. Samurai mostly use it, but ninjas also originated from Japan and were known to be one of the most skilled sets of assassins in the world.

The shuriken: Batman’s adaptation of this is the Batarang. It is usually small and spikey. The shuriken is usually used for long-range battles as it would definitely not have as much effect when used in a close-range hand-to-hand combat situation.

The throwing ax: This is definitely not a characteristic batman. He did use a battle-ax in a very cool scene in Batman and Superman Apocalypse, where he shredded up some of Darkseid’s doomsday clones with an ax in hand. A throwing ax is a handy tool to wield by a ninja. He never knows when he might need them.

The arm Gauntlet: I’m sure you would have noticed batman’s awesome adaptation of the arm gauntlet. Ninjas use this as both a weapon and for protection from a swinging katana.

The dagger: Yeah, in case you did not know, ninjas use daggers too. In fact, I almost feel it is their favorite tool. Ninjas are men of the dark and were mostly used as assassins because of their stealthy nature. So the best weapon they would probably use to kill a feudal lord in his home is a dagger with a hand to the mouth to prevent him from calling for help. He would be long gone by daybreak before anyone notices that someone is dead.

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Batman is The Best to Learn From When It Comes to Ninja Weapons

When you are looking to learn about Ninja Weapons, Batman is one of the greatest people you can learn from. A lot of what he does is based on the ways of Ninjas. Though Batman himself does not dress like a ninja, when you think about how he lurks in the shadows, it’s the same thing. The way he uses his Batarang and other weapons fits right in with the Ninja Ways, Watch a few Batman movies, and you will begin to notice the patterns.