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Fantasy Weapons: Ideas for Batman’s Famous Weapons

Fantasy Weapons

We Batman lovers know that he has a no-gun and a no-kill policy (except for the Batfleck, of course), but what he does have is a wide variety of gadgets that he uses in his crime-fighting endeavors. He needs these gadgets as we all know that he has no superpower to keep him safe and give him the upper hand against his foes. But what about some ultimate fantasy weapons that he could use? 

Batman has found himself in a pretty tight spot on a couple of occasions, but he has always had the right weapon to wiggle out of these situations. Well, when there is so much money at his disposal, there’s no guessing the limits of weapons in his arsenal.

So, let us dive into some of the Dark Knight’s fantasy weapons.

Batsuit Taser

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There is a scene in Christian Bale’s Dark Knight to mind, where one of Joker’s goons tried to take a peek at what was under the cowl. He ended up getting the shock of his life, literally. This particular feature was birthed in one of Batman comics, Batman #609, in the “Hush” story arc when a thug in Gotham tried to take off an unconscious Batman’s mask and got electrocuted.

Of course, this feature is not only used when he is unconscious. He could use this bodysuit taser to blast anyone he touches with the press of a button while he remains insulated inside the suit.

Fantasy Weapons Idea #1

What if Batman took the taser to another level by making it so that it shocks people with every punch he lands. Even if a bad guy blocked a punch, he would still be given an intense shock. Doing this would allow him to finish off bad guys much quicker. Fights would require two punches at most, and they would be knocked out. 

Kryptonite Ring

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With Batman, preparation is the best forte. Even against friends. I mean, you never know when your best friend could turn against you, right? This is why in the advent of him having to square off with the strongest man on the planet, Batman has a Kryptonite ring handy.

He actually got to use it when he had to face off with a mind-control Superman who was ordered to kill the Caped Crusader. He had to result to the ring, or he has been minced meat for Superman. Of course, the fight was broken off by Catwoman, who threw Lois Lane off a skyscraper, jolting Superman from the grasp of Poison Ivy’s mind control so he could save his beloved. No doubt, Batman would have knocked the Man of Steel out of the fight was not halted.

Fantasy Weapons Idea #2

Similar to how the Black Panther built his suit with vibranium, Batman should build his suit with Kryptonite built right into it. Why even take the chance in losing to Superman. If he tries to throw one punch at Batman, he will be weakened by the Kryptonite. 



Batman with bombs makes him seem scarier, at least to those whom he squares with. However, let’s remember his no-kill policy. The Dark Knight would definitely not use bombs against villains, so they are safe from decapitation, at least. Mostly, Batman uses his golf–sized bat-bombs to open a door proving too stubborn to open or for distractions.

But hold on for a minute and imagine Batman being bomb crazy. Let it sink in. Yeah. Sick.

Fantasy Weapons Idea – #3

Batman should be equipped with more bombs like flash bombs and smoke bombs that are not lethal. He needs every edge he can get and if he can surprise to stun his opponents for even a moment, it will go a long way in helping him to win.


Power Armor

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Imagine the best fighter in the universe dons a super-powered Iron man suit. That’s plain cheating. But we can’t call it that when he has to face the strongest man in the universe. Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns used it to beat the daylight out of Clark Kent in its first introduction.

It surfaced again in Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman. Guess who he used it to school again? Yeah! Supes! The Big Blue ended up dying in this one, though, but not at the hands of Batman. But he did get a good beating from him.

Now let’s get dreamy. Imagine Batman unleashing the Power Armor on non-Kryptonians. That would be lethal, wouldn’t it?

Fantasy Weapons Idea – #4

Batman should just put the money into creating robotic armor to wear like the Iron Man suit. If you can go as for as to create the power armor, bring it a step further, and work on flying and having real weapons. It’s the perfect fantasy weapon because Bruce Wayne has the resources to do it, but he has not. He could get on Tony Starks level.


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The famous Batarang is probable the only thing some kids would remember the Caped Crusader using. That’s because it is his go-to weapon in long-range confrontations. He probably got his inspiration for creating this from his time with the league of assassins.

They are known to use various ancient war tools like the sword, arrows, and shuriken. The Batarang is basically a shuriken shaped like a bat. Its main purpose is to disarm or knock out villains. Some new Batarang models have restrictors and tasers embedded in their functions. The Batarang is Batman’s simplest and most effective gadget.

Despite being Batman’s simplest gadget, the Batarang is his most effective

Fantasy Weapons Idea – #5

Imagine Batarangs that come back like Boomerangs? That is how they were originally designed for Batman, but they have become more like ninja stars as time has gone on. Batman should be able to go out with only a few, and when he is ready, with one button, they all come back to him safely.

The Batmobile

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It’s almost impossible to see the batmobile as just a means of transportation. I mean, if you watched how Batfleck used the batmobile in Batman v. Superman, you’d probably be scared at the mere sight of it. This car is a literal killing machine.

It has all sorts of guns and grenade launchers to dispose of the bad guys. Yeah, we all know that Batman has a no-kill policy, but I think we can agree that the Batfleck is just an anomaly, right? Hopefully, this side of batman is suppressed in the upcoming Batman movie. Let’s wait and see.

Tim burton’s first Batman movie also had a batmobile as lethal as the Batfleck’s, armed with M1919 Browning machine guns, droppable bombs, and other lethal weapons. However, this 1989 version claimed no lives. It just wreaked left lots of damage in its wake.

Fantasy Weapons Idea – #6

The one thing Bruce Wayne has missed with the Batmobile is making it a multi-use vehicle. It should be from driving to being on the water, underwater, and then into the air! Why not? Why should Batman have to go back to the Batcave to get a different vehicle for the mission? The car would be the craziest fantasy weapon. Nothing would be able to stop Batman if he had a vehicle like this.

His Fists

Batman’s fists are beyond normal, really. Know this and know peace. I think a Batarang would have rather hit some of the villains who have tasted his fist.

Batman hasn’t always relied on gadgets. His fists have done battle with the likes of Deathstroke, Ra’s al Ghul, and Lady Shiva, and these are definitely formidable foes. And he won these guys on many occasions (He beat lady Shiva just ones, though). So it is safe to say that Batman’s fists are the most reliable weapons that he has.

Fantasy Weapon Idea #7

Batman could upgrade his fists by training like an MMA fighter. He has always been pretty hand-heavy, but he could stand to learn some locks and submissions. There is nothing wrong with taking a guy to the ground and having to choke him out.