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Batman Last Knight on Earth: The Story of Omega

Batman Last Knight On Earth

Over the years, there have been several instances in entertainment where we have been faced with the last person on the planet scenario. We have had the last man on earth, the last woman on earth, the last kids on earth, and even the last pets on earth! But has anyone ever thought of what it would be like to have the last Batman on earth? Well, Batman Last Knight on Earth did just that.

The Elseworlds’ imprint has been associated with storylines set in alternate timelines and universes. Batman’s many iterations in the imprint are always a joy to read, and when it comes to this particular storyline, there is a twist to it that keeps you turning pages till the end. Here is The Batman Last Knight on Earth. 

Batman: Last Knight on Earth
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Batman Last Knight on Earth: Introduction to Omega

This Batman’s name is Omega. Omega is the main antagonist in the universe that Batman Last Knight on Earth is set in. He is quite older than the regular Batman, and in his world, he is a former Batman who initially started out as a hero but ended up becoming evil and authoritarian in nature. The timeline is a distant future of DC’S universe. 

History of Batman Last Knight On Earth

Omega’s past as Bruce Wayne seems quite similar to that of the original Batman on earth prime and the Batman written by Scott Snyder. 

He was born into the affluent Wayne family and witnessed the murder of his parents at the hands of a gunman, Joe Chill. Upon their death, he trained to become a skilled fighter and detective away from Gotham. He became the masked detective and defender known as Batman, ridding Gotham of crime and injustice on his return.

Birth of Omega

This world eventually fell into disarray when it fell into an energy crisis and global warming issues. Superman and Lex Luthor debated good and evil virtues, with a serious catch for the loser. Whoever was determined Kryptonite would impale the loser.

The debate ended with Lex Luthor being convinced by Superman. Despite him losing the discussion, the whole of humanity decided Superman was the loser, and he was killed as a result. 

Meanwhile, Batman was engaged in the investigation of a corpse in Crime alley that was decades old. Crime Alley was the same alley where Bruce’s parents had been murdered when he was a child.

Batman Last Knight On Earth #2 (of 3) Main
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Bruce deduced the corpse’s identity to be that of Joe Chill’s son and concluded that Chill killed his parents because he blamed Thomas Wayne for his son’s death through surgical malpractice. In truth, the body was just that of a clone created by the Joker. 

Superman’s death sent the world into a frenzy. They attacked the Hall of Justice, but Batman decided not to retaliate. Instead, he let them in, believing that they could be reasoned with and quelled with kindness. Unfortunately, he was mistaken, as the crowd descended on him, beating and mutilating him to the point of death. The crowd included men, women, and even children. The attack was so severe that batman was indeed believed to be dead. 

He survived, however, but the experience had damaged his belief in humanity. He lost faith in them all and decided the only way to handle things was to use force to ensure order. His next step was to kill Darkseid, placing his head on a spike and then gaining access to the AntiLife equation. He attached it to the bat-signal and used it to break humans’ souls, putting them under his control. And then he took on the persona of Omega.

Challenge from The Superheroes

The rest of the heroes were not supporting this, challenging Omega and trying to stop him. In response, Omega caused mass destruction to the world and even orchestrated the mass genocide of Amazon led by Wonder Woman. He controlled Gotham and turned it into the city-state he used to conquer Earth. Despite their coordinated efforts, Omega proved to be unstoppable. 

 Last Knight on Earth

After the surviving superheroes’ failed attemptssurviving superheroes’ failed attemptssurviving superheroes’ failed attempts to stop Batman, Alfred Pennyworth was forced to take action. As the only one aware of Batman/Omega’s true identity, he set up a machine that created Batman’s clone. This clone had all of the Omega’s memories until the fateful riot at the Hall of Justice. Alfred would eventually raise this batman to become the only strong enough to challenge and defeat Omega once and for all successfully. 

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #3
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