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7 Things Wayne Enterprises Can Do to Improve Gotham

Improve gotham

The solution for so many people in the city of Gotham has been Batman. But the problem is that when Batman is getting involved, it’s already too late to improve Gotham long-term. He is coming in to deal with the likes of people like the Joker, but as we saw in “Joker,” some evil can be prevented. Batman is a symbol that fights against crime, but what about reaching some of these criminals as kids?

We wanted to take the opportunity to show how much more Wayne Enterprises and Bruce Wayne could do with all that money. It’s less about charity and more about fixing the root problems in society. You don’t win the war against crime just by hiring more police. You win the war by realizing it starts long before criminals become criminals.

1. Start an After School Program

Wayne Enterprises should operate the largest after-school program in the city at all times. If you want to prevent people from turning to a life of crime, you have to get to them as children. You have to show them more than their current surroundings. If all kids see around them is crime, and the richest people in their vicinity are all criminals, they are more likely to go that direction.

Wayne Enterprises can create opportunities for these children to be cared for after school. Many children have single-parent homes, and their parents are busy working. When they get home, they have no guidance from anyone but the streets. These after-school programs can help kids excel with school and things like entrepreneurship.

2. Close Down Arkham Asylum

How many times does Arkham Asylum have to fail before closing the place? It does not mean that you can’t build a new place like it, but there is no doubt that Arkham should be burned down to the ground.

Its track record is horrible and serves as a scapegoat for many criminals that should be doing serious time in jail. You don’t always need the answers, but you need to admit when what you have been doing is not working.

3. Train a Special Police Force to Improve Gotham Crime Rates

There is so much opportunity to train a special police task force to assist Batman. The same way that the FBI has an extensive vetting process. You would make a task force that really looks for upstanding citizens that are high in character. Equip them with the best fighting skills, intel and technology.

It’s clear that having Batman in the city works; why not fund a task force that can operate like Batman all day and night in the streets of Gotham. Batman is still only one man and can only do so much. It would help if you started training others to operate at his level of excellence.

4. Increase Officer Pay and Training

One of the biggest issues with the police force in the city is the level of corruption. Many of the officers are working for the bad guys while acting like they are cleaning up the city.

One simple way to lower the temptation for this is to increase officer pay, improve their training and help change the culture of cops not telling on cops. These three changes will not eliminate corruption, but they will make more people think twice about it.

5. Help Raise More Entrepreneurs to Improve Gotham

Crime and entrepreneurship are very similar. The main difference is that one group has to look over their shoulders for the cops and the others do not. Drug dealers need to do marketing, sales, operations, payroll, hiring, management, promotions, finance, and every other aspect of running a business.

Wayne Enterprises should focus on building the next generation of Gotham entrepreneurs. It helps people to make money legally, and it also helps to drive job growth. People will not turn to crime as much if they can find good jobs that pay well.

6. Create More Sports Leagues and Training Centers for Kids

Sports are one of the simplest ways to get kids on the path to a better life. Think about the benefits of being an athlete:

  • Discipline
  • Listening skills
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental tougness

Sports trascend what happens when your playing. It can feed into your everyday life and help produce better citizens in Gotham. They have even found in prisons that providing exercise and competition can help to decrease issues.

Everyone needs an outlet and many kids that are attracted to crime need something constructive to pour themselves into.

7. Build Out Gothams Mental Health Facilities to Improve Gotham

Many people who end up in prison have mental health problems that they never get the opportunity to deal with. They often get rejected for being different. Crime then attracts people who are rejected and unloved because they don’t have anywhere else to turn.

If Wayne Enterprises pours more money and resources into mental health care and treatment for kids and adults, you will allow people to be diagnosed and treated. They can better understand what is going on in their minds to deal with their problems the right way.

Final Thoughts the Things Wayne Enterprises Can Do to Improve Gotham

Batman is an effective way of decreasing crime in Gotham because it makes people fearful. The problem is that Gotham does not do a good job of addressing what makes people turn to a life of crime in the first place.

If Bruce Wayne wants to see lasting change in the city, he needs to create some allies that help the city in a different way. There needs to be changes to some of the root issues in Gotham.