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It’s Simple We Kill The Batman

It's Simple We Kill The Batman

The words the Joker uses in the Dark Knight became iconic and remembered by so many Batman fans. He breaks into the mob boss meeting and provides them with a solution to their fear and problems. He says, “It’s Simple We Kill The Batman.” Everyone in the room laughs at him.

He follows up this line with another amazing line. He tells them, “when you’re good at something, you never do it for free.” All of this speaks to the brilliance of the character. You never see any progression of the Joker in the Dark Knight. He is, and he does not change from start to finish.

The Jokers Plan – It’s Simple We Kill The Batman

The Joker does an amazing Job in the Dark Knight of promoting this idea of chaos and like he is totally crazy and out of control. It makes people fear him and become chaotic themselves. The reality is that the Joker always remains in control in every situation.

The movie starts with a robbery where the people think that he is sitting this one out. He is actually a part of the job, though, to ensure that everyone does what they are supposed to do.

When he breaks into the mob meeting, it seems like an out-of-control idea and like he can get into a lot of trouble. He comes with a contingency plan by having the bomb on him because he knows none of the mobsters want to die.

When he gets arrested by Gordon, it was a part of his plan to get his hands on Dent. He made Batman think he wanted him dead in the entire movie, but he really wanted to turn Gotham’s white knight into evil. He wanted to make sure that he could make a good man fall because he knows he could not make Batman break his rules.

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It’s Simple We Kill The Batman Leads to a Pay Day

When he tells the mobsters that the key is killing the Bat and that you never do something you’re good at for free, he proceeds to take half of their money. He later burns that money, proving that he is driven differently from most criminals in the city. He really just wanted to see Gotham City burn to the ground.

What the Joker really showed in this movie is that it’s possible to remain 100% in control while seeming like your not in control of anything at all. You give people an allusion that they are in control of their lives when they are not.

You can use this line to remember your own worth. You can do a job and well, but you should be paid right for doing it. Don’t allow people to devalue your worth ever.

It’s Simple We Kill The Batman Memes

Final Thoughts On “It’s Simple We Will The Batman”

The joker is one of the most insane villains, but there is no doubt that his manipulation tactics can teach us something. In the movie, he brings utter chaos to Gotham City. He turns friends into foes and makes sure that he is not the only one to blame for the crimes.

One of the best things he does is get the mob to pay him. That was the breaking moment where he gained power. He earned the trust of the mob and got way under the skin of Batman. He never even got the job done, but he convinced the mob that he could with this simple line.