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The Female Joker Costume And Her Origin Story

Female Joker Costume

Joker is one of the most iconic villains of all time. There have been many different takes on the character, but the essence of the Joker remains the same in all of these portrayals. He has inspired a wave of fans who love the villain and what he stands for. These fans love to dress up as their favorite super-villain. But in this article, we will look at a completely different and less known iteration of Joker in which a female plays the character. And will also look at her personality and the costume of this female Joker.

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Female Joker’s Timeline

The most well-known female Joker is Martha Wayne. Yes, you read it right. The female Joker is actually Bruce Wayne’s mother, Martha. She is the Joker in the Flashpoint timeline of the DC comics. This timeline originated when Barry Allen AKA The Flash went into the past and saved her mother from getting murdered.

This change in history bent space and time in such a way that all the events that happened in the original universe were disturbed giving rise to this new timeline.

Differences Of This Timeline From The Original One

This timeline is very different as compared to the original timeline in which the superheroes and Justice League exists. Let us look at the differences in detail.

Amazons And Atlanteans

Earth is a war-ravaged place in this timeline with most of Europe submerged underwater after the forces of Atlantis attack the land. And the Amazonians have taken over the UK and declared the Island as New Thermiscyra.

Atlanteans and the Amazons have been fighting each other since Diana killed Arthur Curry’s wife Mera. Their fight has left millions of humans dead and displaced others.


Superman also does not exist in the Flashpoint world. Because the pod in which he arrived on earth was captured by the US government instead of being intercepted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The government has made Kal-el into a lab rat who has never seen the sun. Thus never achieving the God-like strengths by absorbing the radiations from the sun.

Hal Jordan

In this world, Hal Jordan never becomes The Green Lantern but is still the ace pilot. He is contacted by the US government to fly an alien ship to the war-zone. The reason behind his deployment is to try and nuke both the Amazons and Atlanteans.

But Hal is killed when his ship is hot down while trying to complete the mission.

Lois Lane And Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is seen helping the US armed forces and has not established his business. He is also not villainous in any regards and is a perfect model US citizen who is trying to help his country’s forces.

Lois Lane is a reporter covering the war-zone but is working as an informant to the Cyborg in this timeline.


When Barry Allen wakes up in this timeline he notices that he does not have his powers. He is also shown to be losing memory of the original timeline with his memories being replaced by those of the Flashpoint universe.

But he does have his costume ring on. And when he ejects his costume from the ring. Reverse Flash’s costume comes out of the ring making Barry believe that Eobard Thawne is responsible for this world.

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Batman And Joker

In this timeline, Bruce Wayne is killed by Joe Chill and his parents Thomas and Martha survive the encounter. Both are deeply saddened but Martha is hit the hardest ultimately leading her to lose her sanity.

She opens up her cheeks with a knife in the shape of a smile telling Thomas that she is smiling again. Thomas gets her admitted to the Arkham Asylum. Later in this timeline, Thomas takes on the persona of Batman in this world to protect the people of Gotham from the crimes of Martha Wayne, who has become the Joker of this timeline who lost her sanity after the murder of Bruce.

Female Joker’s Personality

Martha Wayne’s portrayal of the iconic villain is just too dark and is even way more ruthless in comparison to her male iterations. The Female Joker does not hesitate before killing and tricks Jim Gordon into shooting Dent’s daughter by giving her the appearance of the Joker.

She does so by placing a tape on the girl’s face a smile on it and guns tied to her hands. After Gordon realizes what he has down, Martha ambushes him and slashes the chief’s throat. She also shoots parents of young children of Gotham city in revenge for what had happened to her.

Appearance and Costume of Female Joker

The costume that Martha Wayne wears as the Female Joker is very similar to the one that Heath ledger wore in The Dark Knight. There have been no animated or live-action adaptations featuring The female Joker and her costume. So we get the idea of her appearance from the Flashpoint comics.

In addition to her costume, her hair is also dyed greenish, and uses make-up to make he face pale white. Her teeth can be seen from inside the wounds she got when she tore open her mouth while cutting it.

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This is one of the most interesting takes on the Joker and has been very well received by the audience. If you like this article then do visit our website to read other articles as well.