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Rhino Laces – Indestructible Shoelaces

Rhino Laces

Shoelaces may not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking for highly durable clothing, but with all things considered they might be the most crucial part of what we wear at any given time.  After all, where would you be if your frayed shoelace snapped in the middle of an Appalachian hike (or mid-leap between rooftops)?

Rhino Laces recognizes that importance and is offering the world’s first unbreakable laces.  Using a patent pending formula, Rhino Laces demonstrate a near Kryptonian ability to survive fires, cuts, saws, water, chemicals, and in their own words, even zombie apocalypses.  They back up this claim by promising to replace them for free in the unlikely event that they should break.

At $19.95 Rhino Laces seem like an incredible value considering they could very well be inherited by your great-grandchildren.