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Catwoman Costume: The Best Options For You To Buy

Catwoman costume

Catwoman is probably one of the most known female characters of the comic book world. She primarily appears in Batman comics and is a part of his rogues’ gallery. She was introduced as a villain but was later developed into an antiheroine. Catwoman is also one of the best-known love interests of Batman or Bruce Wayne. She dons a cat-like costume in line with her name “Catwoman”.

The most well-known name to wear the Catwoman costume in the comics is Selina Kyle. There have been other characters that adopted this alter-ego but none have received the appraise that Selina Kyle has got. The popularity of Catwoman is such that every Batman feature, showcases her character. She was also part of the first Batman TV show in 1966.

Catwoman’s character has massive reach within the comic book fans. And everybody loves Catwoman because of her strong independent character. Like Catwoman, her costume has also become iconic over the years. Both the young and adult female fans love to dress up as Catwoman on every Halloween or Comic-con. The Catwoman costume is one of the most popular female costumes.

It is very difficult to buy an authentic costume because of the cheap knock-offs available everywhere. We know what a hassle it is to find an authentic costume based on the character. So to solve this problem for you, we have compiled a list of the best available costumes on the internet. You can buy the costume that suits you the best and order it online from authentic retailers.

Origin Story of Catwoman

The reason behind launching Catwoman was to attract more female followers for Batman comics. The creators imagined her as a femme fatale friendly foe type of character to add more depth to Batman’s universe. She became Batman’s romantic interest after her introduction.

In her first appearance, she is a burglar that stole jewelry from the rich people of Gotham. But after the character was re-written by Frank Miller. She was introduced as a dominatrix. She leaves prostitution behind with her sister and becomes a thief, stealing jewelry while wearing the Catwoman costume.

Catwoman Costumes

This section will deal with all the listed costume options for you to buy from. These options include both the licensed costumes and other costumes that are inspired from the original ones. These costumes are the perfects gift for someone who loves Batman and is a fan of Catwoman. All these costumes are the best available options on all the internet.

Wearing this costume on any special night like Halloween will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This costume is also one of the most used costumes by the cosplayers.

1. The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Adult Catwoman Costume
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We all love The Dark Knight trilogy and Nolan’s take on these characters. His movies are solely responsible for making us fall in love with Batman and his foes even more. Catwoman was introduced by Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises. With Anne Hathaway playing the character in the film. She wore a modern costume that received a lot of praise from the fans.

The costume that we have listed in our selection is the exact replica of the Catwoman costume worn by Anne Hathaway. It Includes the jumpsuit, eye mask and the trademark belt worn by the charcter in the movie. This costume is made under an official license from the DC to recreate the exact same movie accurate costume.

The Catwoman costume is available in 3 different adult sizes. And You can choose the costume size that fits you the best from these available sizes.

Other than adult sizes this costume is also available for 3 to 4 year old girls as well.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Child's Catwoman Costume - Medium
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2. Catwoman Movie Costume

Rubie's Costume DC Comics Deluxe Catwoman Adult Costume - Large
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This costume is based on the Catwoman movie that released in 2004. The titular role was played by Halle Berry. The movie was a commercial and critical failure but this new take on the Catwoman costume did appeal to the fans. And is still the go-to option for many to wear on Batman-themed parties or get-togethers.

This deluxe Catwoman costume for women includes a mask headpiece, top piece, and gloves with claws & pants.

3. Batman Returns Costume

Women's Fullbody Black Batman Returns Catsuit
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This particular costume is similar to the one worn by the legendary Michelle Pfeiffer in the Batman Returns movie. The costume includes a bodysuit with removable gloves and a detachable mask with ears with a corset.

It also includes the iconic Catwoman whip as well. The black jumpsuit is made up of PU leather that is not only durable but also provides maximum comfort to the person wearing it. The white stitches all over the costume are hand-sewn giving it the same unique look like that in the movie.

It is available in multiple sizes so do check the size chart and order the size that fits you perfectly.

4. Classic Catwoman Costume

This costume is reminiscent of the one used in the 1966 Batman TV series. This is a recreation of the exact same costume. This costume is especially for the fans that love the classic Batman series. This costume is made up of 100% polyester to provide comfort. The classic Catwoman costume was worn by Julie Newmar in the original TV series.

5. The New 52 Costume

Catwoman, Classic Tv Batman Circa 1966 adult sized costumes
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After the overhauling of DC comics and their re-launch in the New 52 timeline, the costumes of certain characters were also revised to give them a more contemporary look. Catwoman’s costume was also revamped in this re-launch.

This listed costume is the exact replica of the new Catwoman costume. The costume also includes the accessories like gray plastic goggles with yellow lenses and an elastic strap. It also includes a faux leather utility belt with a hook-and-loop closure and cat head plastic buckle as well.


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