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The Best Batman Phone Cases

best batman phone cases

As anyone who’s ever experienced the sickening crack of a smartphone hitting concrete will tell you, cases are a good idea.

While there are certainly plenty to pick from, you’re reading this, which means you’re probably already aware of a key fact… Everything’s better with a Batman factor, including phone cases.

We’ve selected a few of the best on the market that caught our eye. Most are for various iPhones, but some of these manufacturers produce the same case for multiple models.

Goodkssop Metal Batman iPhone Case

The brand may be unpronounceable, but the case is amazing. The aluminum housing offers substantial impact protection (no flimsy silicone here) and literally bolts around the phone. The scalloped edges and bevels are very reminiscent of the Bale-era Batsuit.

Available for the iPhone Xs Max/XR/Xs/X for around $20.

Qangel Working Batmobile Phone Case

batmobile tumblr batman phone case

This one is a real doozy. Based on the Keaton-era Batmobile, this phone case does so much more than just protect your device. The case is a fully functional scale model Batmobile with rolling rubber wheels, working headlights and taillights. There’s also a built-in Bat-signal projector flashlight.

While a few years old now, this case is still an amazing find for collectors at $75.

3D Bat Ear TPU Jelly iPhone Case

batman bat ear phone case

Perhaps the most subtle case on our list, it’s also the most practical. The shockproof TPU material is slim and protective, while the little bat ears evoke the silhouette of the Dark Knight’s cowl. The cheapest we found came in at a reasonable $9.99.

Olixar Tough Case with Built-In Survival Tool

phone case with built in tools

Just like Batman himself, the Olixar tough case has a few tricks up its sleeve. The no-nonsense exterior has a slot in the back that houses a 26-in-1 multitool. The credit card-sized tool includes features like a screwdriver, knife, bottle opener and more.

If you’re already packing EDC tools everywhere you go, the case can also store plain old credit cards too. It’s currently available for the iPhone 11 for $17.

SCF Real Carbon Fiber Phone Cases

Yes, carbon fiber style phone cases may be abundant, but this one is a little different. It isn’t a pattern – it’s the real deal. Made by a company called Simply Carbon Fiber, they produce a line a of genuine carbon fiber phone cases and accessories.

They offer the traditional twill weave and a more unusual forged carbon fiber material shown above. As you’d expect, the cases are extremely light, and extremely strong. Available to order starting from $49.

Honorable Mention – Batman Metal Ring Phone Holder

If you’re bold enough to go sans case, or have a case you already like, don’t worry… We have an option for you. This Batman emblem ring holder adheres to any device and provides a secure grip and handy kickstand. They’re also cheap at only $7.99.