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Strongest Superhero in The DC Universe (Top 5)

Strongest Super Hero

We all know Batman is one of the greatest superheroes ever to exist. With so many different arcs and storylines, we have seen just why Batman is revered. But Batman is only human, and while that may be his strength, it is a limitation. It doesn’t make him the strongest of all. So, concerning Batman, let’s take a look at who could take the strongest superhero mantle in the DC Universe. 

Many men, women, gods, and aliens on this list are deservedly some of the most powerful to have ever graced the pages of a comic book. Unfortunately, not all of them will be mainstream, so if you see someone that’s not familiar, be rest assured we’re not making it up. Here are our picks for the strongest superheroes of all time. 

Strongest Superhero Contender #5: Apollo

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The first thing to note; this superhero does not bear any link to the Greek God Apollo, despite the similarities in name. He, however, bears a semblance to another super being, and that’s Superman. 

Apollo was meant to be Wildstorm’s competition for DC’s Superman. But since DC has long acquired the comic imprint, he’s technically a DC character now. Interestingly Apollo can do everything Superman does. It’s a bit intense, considering he’s so strong and impervious to danger that he can walk in the sun without even flinching. That’s how powerful he is.

Also, he can shoot laser beams out of his eyes, just like Superman. But he has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. Not only can he shoot out of his eyes, but he can also do so from other parts of his body as well.

Apollo isn’t even affected by Kryptonite! His one weakness, though, is that he relies on the sun for energy, and so if he doesn’t get enough exposure to the sun, he could be rendered powerless. 

Strongest Superhero Contender #4: Zatanna

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Not many people know of this Zatarra the magician’s daughter— but we can assure you that the moment you do— it’ll hit you hard and fast. Because she is just that good. 

Zatanna comes from a long line of magicians. Some of these notable figures include historical figures like Nostradamus and Nicholas Flamel. She is one of the most powerful magic users in DC, casting spells by speaking words and sentences backward.

This can be a problem as all you’d need to do find a way to stop her from speaking, but interestingly only a few villains have succeeded in that attempt. Zatanna is just badass. She can stop time, move objects, teleport, shoot mystical energy, and create inanimate objects out of thin air.

However, her most powerful ability enables her to change reality to whatever she wants it to be. She can read minds and erase memories, and she can also manipulate reality.

Sometimes she uses this to confuse enemies and give them traumatic experiences. In addition to this, Zatanna is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, thanks to her Justice League training. 

Contender #3: Doctor Fate

Golden Age Doctor Fate
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Several people have taken on Doctor Fate’s role since his first appearance in the 1940s. However, we’ll be looking at Kent Nelson’s time under Fate’s helmet, as he is one of the most prominent incarnations of Nabu.

This is so considering he spent the longest time. He might not be a totally mainstream character, but if there’s anyone who is definitely in the run-in for the strongest superhero, then it’s Doctor Fate. In case you don’t believe it, let’s convince you.

On one of his very first outings, Doctor Fate stepped in on a war between two rulers of Hell, and he was strong enough to stop the impending destruction they were about to cause.

Doctor Fate is also immortal and can astral project, travel through dimensions and heal people of illnesses. He is so strong; we dare say he could take on Superman, on account of the latter’s weakness to any magic.

He can cast flame spells at will, generate a concentrated beam of pure magical energy, fire lightning bolts, produce objects out of thin air, teleport to anywhere in the universe, and control people’s minds. There was even a time he destroyed an entire alternate reality.

Granted, he isn’t much without his helmet, but he’s also invulnerable and immortal. 

His powers require that he wears a magical helmet, cape, and amulet at all times. He can also get weakened if he uses his powers for a long time. This is why he sticks mainly to the sidelines, allowing his strength to build back up. 

Contender #2: Doctor Manhattan

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We first meet the Great Big Blue Guy in Alan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen, and since then, we’ve come to recognize Dr. Manhattan, aka Jonathan Osterman, as one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe.

The thing is, we can’t really classify Dr. Manhattan as a superhero or supervillain, because quite frankly, his powers are so vast and strong that they place him above such human concepts like good vs. bad.

Osterman was once a nuclear physicist until a freak accident was responsible for transforming him into an all-powerful being. This guy was literally disintegrated in an Intrinsic Field Subtractor and had to reconstruct himself as Doctor Manhattan.

He has powers and abilities that you could classify as limitless, and quite frankly, it’s almost as if there is nothing he cannot do. On his power roster includes powers like 

Invulnerability to all harm, reconstruction, awareness of and control over atomic and subatomic particles, teleportation, and perception of the past, present, and future.

He has the ability to alter reality, as we see in the Rebirth continuity when he erases ten years from the DC Universe. We also find out that it was his doing that we got to see the New 52 continuity. Overpowered? Yes, please.

Strongest Superhero Contender #1: The Phantom Stranger

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger Vol. 1: A Stranger Among Us (The New 52)
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The Phantom Stranger has only appeared in a couple of comics, ever since his debut in 1952. Whenever he does show up, know it’s about to get messed up. Well, he’s got limitless power; how else would you write that in a story!?

His powers have never even be defined. The Phantom Stranger is immortal, can generate energy bolts, teleport, travel through dimensions, and dispel magic. He is also all-knowing, so there’s pretty much nothing that happens that he won’t know. Really, who is this guy? 

Well, remember Judas? Judas Iscariot? Yep, that one. The one that betrayed Jesus for silver; yes, that’s him. Somehow he escaped hell, and for whatever reason, despite him killing the son of God, he somehow becomes a god, with powers unlike ever seen before. However, there is one major caveat to powers like these.

Phantom Stranger cannot play an active part in any event; he must guide others. That’s why we rarely see him, and why when we do, he can only look on.

Still, he is a formidable being; and with powers like that— he is nearly unstoppable amd the strongest superhero.

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