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Batman vs Predator: The Greatest Comic Crossover

Batman vs Predator

Surely, you’re an avid fan of the Masked Detective. Why else would you be here! And despite the slander he keeps getting, we know the truth. Everyone admires Batman. What’s not to like? He has been the paragon for justice and bravery for so many decades and fought countless bad guys. Big and small. Human and meta. Even gods. Batman can hold his own against most people. While we’ve been treated to some great fights, the Batman vs Predator showcase is one for the ages. 

Most people know who The Predator is, but on the off chance that you don’t, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our review of what has been touted as one of the best comic book stories of all time; Batman vs Predator. 

Before we begin, there are some things you need to know. This is an insane comic. We’ll try our best to keep it spoiler-free, but then again, it’d be hard not to spill on this. So we apologize if there are any spoilers down the line; know we did our best.

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Batman vs Predator: Who is the Predator?

Crossovers in comics are a hit or miss type of situation, and most times, they can be misses. It’s even bigger when you consider a crossover with a comic book character and one from the film industry. The stakes are higher when the film character is none other than the famously infamous Predator.

If you’re a sci-fi buff with a thing for the silver age of the movie industry, the Predator would be a familiar fixture to you. The entire AVP franchise is one of those things with a cult following, and it’s easy to see why. Predator is one of the reasons for this.

As a designated hunter of the Alien’s xenomorphs, the Predator is one of the most formidable beings in the galaxy. Equipped with an arsenal of deadly weapons, as well as skills like no other, the Predator strikes fear into the hearts of many, and various movies have showcased just how brutal he can be, even with humans. 

Sure, the first Predator movie might not have been so great, but it definitely did numbers. It found its way, and the showdown between the Predator and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character was a show of brute strength that had fans raving.

If they loved that, it made sense to make a vs. comic that involved the Predator and the Caped Crusader slugging it out in Gotham. If anything can describe the Predator, it’s that he is the perfect, nonstop killing machine.

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Batman VS Predator: History

Published in 1991, this crossover was written by Dave Gibbons (The co-creator of the epic graphic novel, Watchmen). On the pencils and inking, Andy and Adm Kubert took the lead on that creative aspect. This combination, without a doubt, made a great comic.

It even won itself an Eisner and went on to spur three issues. On coloring, Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh held the fort, and the covers, particularly depictive of that year, were made by none other than Arthur Suydam.


The comic opens with a boxing match in Gotham. This fight is peculiar in interest because it involves two different mob bosses. One boxer wins, much to the embarrassment of the rival boss. However, the winning boxer is soon found dead in his apartment. The first suspect is the rival mob boss; his boxer lost the fight because he was mad.

But he is quickly ruled out as a suspect, as the boxer was found murdered in the most gruesome ways. His spine and skull were ripped out, and that was a very unusual way for a mob boss to kill anyone. The Masked Detective is called in to investigate, as a fight between the two mob bosses threatens to ensue because of the murder. 

The Bat Meets The Predator

The Caped Crusader eventually finds out that the Predator is responsible and tracks him down to his hideout in Gotham. The two engage in a nasty faceoff that leaves Batman severely injured and near the brink of death. The Predator continues his mission, which is to kill the two mob bosses.

Batman struggles to heal and regain his strength, but his injuries are extreme. He can’t even move from his bed, and due to his immobility, the Predator’s spree continues, piling up the death toll.

The Predator is largely successful at the end of the story, killing the two mob bosses and the mayor and other Gotham citizens. In response to his threat, the National Guard and SWAT initiate a plan to flush out the Predator and kill him, based on a countdown.

At the end of the countdown, they plan to lure the Predator out of hiding, searching locations in the city street by street.

Batman,, at this point in time, is not still fully healed, but he refuses to stay down. He plans one last faceoff with the hunter alien.

As he cannot rely on his own strength due to his injuries, he dons a special sonar suite designed to give him augmented strength and help him level the playing field against Predator’s ability to cloak himself and become invisible, otherwise known as his stealth mode.

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Batman vs Predator: Final Showdown

When the two finally face-off, they engage in a very prolonged battle that begins on the Gotham City Police Department roof and ends up on Wayne Manor’s Outskirts.

The fight even takes them to the Batcave. Batman finds a way, as always, and defeats the Predator. In shame, the Predator impales himself with a sword, just as its ship carrying other similar lifeforms lands in Gotham.

To acknowledge the Predator’s fall at Batman’s hands, the commander Predator gives the sword used by the predator to kill himself, and soon the aliens take off in their ship. Batman thinks that this will pass a message across and that the Predators will no longer consider coming back to Gotham ever again.

The Predator’s Motive

The story stayed true to the origin of the Predator. The Predator is a hunter by nature, hunting and taking down the biggest and strongest of life forms to prove its warrior status. True to form, the reason why the Predator came to Gotham was so he could find the biggest, meanest and strongest opponent and take them down in single combat.


A  sequel to the story was released in 1995. It was called Batman versus Predator II: Blood match. Written by Doug Moench, with art by Paul Gulacy and Terry Austin, this story features Batman receiving help from his old ally the Huntress as they take on and attempt to take down another Predator.

Another sequel was released in 1997 and this one was written by Chuck Dixon. The story featured a father-son Predator duo taking on Batman and Robin in a 2v2 grudge match. Of all the Gotham villains that exist, Mr. Freeze is the only one to have appeared in this storyline.

Our Verdict for Batman vs Predator

Batman vs Predator is not just a good comic; it’s a great comic. From the story to the inking, to the colors that capture the true essence of Gotham, everything ticks the right spot with this story, and with three issues you keep turning the pages at the edge of your seat, wanting to see what happens next. 

If you would love to read this epic story, you can get the Collected Edition featuring all three issues packed into one single book. Click on this link to make your purchase. We promise it’ll be worth every single penny. 

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